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Topic: collaboration

CS department grapples with collaboration policy, diversity

News, Science & Research

CS department grapples with collaboration policy, diversity

April 23, 2019 Comments are Disabled

Like many computer science students, Chelsey Serrano ’22 is finishing up a two-part CS intro sequence with help from close friends, who struggle together through late nights and stressful deadlines.

This year, Brown Hack Health focused on issues related to the theme of emergency care. The grand prize of $500 was awarded to AutoMedic.

News, University News

Hack Health tackles emergency care

September 16, 2018 Comments are Disabled

After a morning spent passionately discussing critical problems in health care, undergraduate and graduate students teamed up to devise innovative solutions to the issues they found most compelling.

The Hyundai Visionary Challenge invites students to submit research in an effort to promote smart mobility. The competition’s themes include biology-inspired mobility and digital phenotyping.

News, Science & Research

Hyundai, University tackle research challenge

September 13, 2018 Comments are Disabled

On Sept. 10, the submissions portal for the Hyundai Visionary Challenge opened exclusively to University students, alums and teaching faculty members.

Christina Smith, assistant director for undergraduate instructional development, will teach the course, “Theory and Practice of Problem Solving” to train students to teach problem-solving skills.

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Sheridan Center to introduce Problem-Solving Fellows for STEM departments

October 17, 2017 Comments are Disabled

There will soon be a Writing Fellows equivalent in STEM departments next fall: Problem-Solving Fellows.