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Mehta ’14 MD’19: Now we heal

November 16, 2016 0 comments

Wednesday I woke up, looked at my phone and felt the floor drop beneath me. I felt sick.

Letters to the Editor

Letter: ‘Untitled (Lamp/Bear)’ has never been uglier

November 14, 2016 1 comment

Last month, I wrote a letter to The Herald regarding former Chancellor Thomas Tisch’s defense of the University’s acceptance of the blue bear statue.

University News

Students abroad grapple with responses to Trump victory

November 11, 2016 0 comments

A room of nearly 50 students at the University of Melbourne stood cracking jokes as they watched electoral votes for President-Elect Donald Trump pile up.


Meyer ’17: Bad and worse

November 11, 2016 1 comment

Tuesday night brought me closer to the alienation and anxiety that some on this campus and so many off it have coped with for generations.

University News

Blyth, Schiller dissect results of election

November 10, 2016 2 comments

In the wake of last night’s electoral surprise, Wendy Schiller and Mark Blyth gave a post-mortem at the Watson Institute.

The Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs held a panel with Adjuct Lecturer of International and Public Affairs Richard Arenberg and Professor of International Relations Rose McDermott.

University News

Brown community shaken by Trump win

November 9, 2016 11 comments

After more than a year of partisan squabbling, scandals and pundit-baffling surprises, the election that once seemed to be never-ending has ended.


Rippee ’16.5: For veterans, this election offers no easy answer

November 8, 2016 0 comments

In this year’s presidential election, the choice between two deeply flawed candidates has every voter compromising to some degree.


Friedman ’19: Comedy shows do not an informed voter make

November 3, 2016 0 comments

Few comedy shows are more popular right now than John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight,” which airs weekly on HBO to an average of 4.7 million viewers.


Meyer ’17: A Trump loss won’t change Republicans

October 28, 2016 0 comments

The next 11 days can’t pass quickly enough. After a miserable election cycle, the specter of President Donald Trump will (hopefully) be vanquished.


Krishnamurthy ’19: Not another anti-Trump op-ed

October 21, 2016 2 comments

Writing an open letter or op-ed about why Donald Trump is fundamentally unfit to be president is like declaring that the earth is round.