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A $12.5 million NIH grant will fund a new research center studying the links between substance abuse and chronic illness as part of the Center of Alcohol and Addiction Studies. Researchers will study abuse of alcohol, marijuana, opiods and smoking.

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$12.5 million grant funds new substance abuse research

September 6, 2019 0 comments

As substance abuse permeates the national conversation and Rhode Island continues to battle the opioid crisis, the University will further advance research into the connection between substance abuse and chronic illness using a $12.5 million grant from the National Institute of General Medical Science.

Recent study shows retrotransposons in the human genome to be responsible for age-related diseases and other health challenges. The HIV drug Lamivudine showed potential in mice trials treating age-related neurological diseases caused by inflammation. After two weeks of treatment, the cells of old mice showed reduced signs of chronic inflammation.

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Study suggests HIV drug as treatment for age-related diseases

February 20, 2019 1 comment

It is common knowledge that aging is a part of life, but a recent study aims to further unravel the mechanisms behind it. The study, published Feb. 6 in the journal Nature, indicates that remnants of ancient viruses with DNA in the human genome…