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Topic: food insecurity

Hodges ’22: In support of a tax on sugary drinks

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Hodges ’22: In support of a tax on sugary drinks

June 7, 2021 0 comments

The COVID-19 pandemic has deeply harmed Rhode Island’s economy and a quarter of households are now experiencing hunger. Even as businesses start to reopen, an unprecedented number of Rhode Islanders still rely on food banks to feed themselves and their families, and food bank usage grew by 26 percent in the past year.

The community fridges provide canned goods, non-perishables, fruits, vegetables, and “ready-to-eat foods.” Soon, the organizer behind Providence Community Fridge hopes to begin providing non-food items such as blankets and masks.

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Free community fridges fight food insecurity during COVID-19 pandemic

February 18, 2021 0 comments

In light of increased levels of food insecurity due to the COVID-19 pandemic, two new community fridges, Providence Community Fridge and Refri PVD, both encourage people to donate whatever they are able and take whatever they need.

FarmLink, co-founded by Aidan Reilly ’21, buys surplus produce from farmers and delivers it to food banks to minimize waste and offer support in a time of economic uncertainty.

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Brown students lead food redistribution efforts amidst pandemic

May 23, 2020 3 comments

In recent months, Brown students have been leading a nationwide food redistribution effort to help farms whose usual supply chains have been disrupted.

Lehrer-Small ’20: A collective alternative to the sophomore meal plan requirement

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Lehrer-Small ’20: A collective alternative to the sophomore meal plan requirement

December 5, 2019 Comments are Disabled

The University’s new policy requiring sophomores to enroll in a meal plan has taken a lot of heat — and rightly so. After a long process of evaluating food security at Brown, the University ultimately reduced food options rather than deciding to help students make healthy choices.

Mobile market promotes fresh produce

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Mobile market promotes fresh produce

April 12, 2019 Comments are Disabled

Rhode Island is a state so small that a car can cover its length in under an hour, making it an ideal region for trucking fresh produce to underserved communities and piloting food access programs.

University to offer funds for meal plans, textbooks

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University to offer funds for meal plans, textbooks

May 15, 2018 3 comments

To ease the burden of costs of attendance, the University will launch two new financial aid initiatives starting fall 2018.

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Editorial: Spring break meal plans need reform

April 23, 2018 Comments are Disabled

For students who elect to stay on campus, spring break should be a time of rest, not confusion about the affordability of meal plans and fears of food insecurity.

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Mulligan ’19: Don’t talk down to millennials

April 20, 2018 Comments are Disabled

A 2018 report from Temple University and the Wisconsin Harvesting Opportunities for Postsecondary Education Lab suggests that food insecurity is a much larger issue on college campuses than previously thought, affecting 42 percent of community college students and 36 percent of four-year college students.