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Topic: interdisciplinary

Surrounded by Cubist textiles, Claire Liu ’23, co-founder of The Muse Initiative, took to the piano to play Erik Satie’s “3 Gymnopédies.”

Arts & Culture

‘Muse: Satie Reimagined’ reunites music, visual art

February 11, 2020 Comments are Disabled

Overcast light filtered into the Rhode Island School of Design Museum’s Grand Gallery on Saturday afternoon to illuminate an interdisciplinary and contemplative performance by the Muse Initiative.

University researchers developed a coating for IV catheters that would  fight potential MRSA and related bacterial infections common in hospital settings. The coating is made up of a drug and a plastic polymer.

News, Science & Research

New discovery could prevent common hospital infections

March 15, 2019 Comments are Disabled

When life-saving drugs wind through catheters and into the drifting current of the bloodstream, sometimes unwanted and even deadly bacteria tag along, prepared to invade and infect vulnerable immune systems.

Krishnamurthy ’19: ‘Philosophy, politics and economics’ is overrated

Columns, Opinions

Krishnamurthy ’19: ‘Philosophy, politics and economics’ is overrated

February 12, 2019 Comments are Disabled

In early May, the student-run Journal of Philosophy, Politics & Economics published its inaugural issue. In their foreword to the first volume, the editorial board enthusiastically endorsed “philosophy, politics and economics”…

At the annual Ceremony of Gratitude, medical students meet the families of those who donated their bodies to help students learn about anatomy.

News, Science & Research

Med School promotes humanistic medicine

October 31, 2018 Comments are Disabled

At the end of a year dissecting and studying cadavers, first-year students at the Alpert Medical School host an annual Ceremony of Gratitude.

Students and faculty at Wednesday evening’s glass casting demonstration make their own miniature volcanoes during the “What Fire Does” series.

News, Science & Research

Event series explores fire in landscapes, history, art

April 25, 2017 Comments are Disabled

The nature of fire may be a surprise, said Stephen Pyne, author of books detailing fire’s history in the evolution of our planet and the United States.

Arts & Culture

re|ACT symposium kicks off Brown Arts Initiative

March 7, 2017 Comments are Disabled

Last weekend marked a historic time for the University’s arts community: the launch of the Brown Arts Initiative.

New lab studies emotional decision-making

News, Science & Research

New lab studies emotional decision-making

February 6, 2017 Comments are Disabled

How does morality work in the brain?