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Julia Jarcho hopes to lead the program in a direction where she can implement her personal values of important theatrical practices and new writing to shape the futures of the aspiring writers she teaches.

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Julia Jarcho brings new vision to MFA Playwriting Program

February 25, 2020 0 comments

Julia Jarcho, a playwright and director, began her first term this semester as the Head of Playwriting for the Master of Fine Arts Playwriting program. Jarcho will help Brown playwriting students to develop skills for theatre performance. 

The MFA playwriting festival gave  graduate students the opportunity to produce their still-developing plays for the stage. Seen here (L-R) are actors Alexander De Vasconcelos Matos, Michael Rosas and Alfredo Antillon.

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Festival features developing plays on stage

February 14, 2019 Comments are Disabled

Not every night at the theatre begins with a warning that the script may have been edited within the last hour, that the actors may ask for their lines and that the whole production may experience such technical difficulties that an inadvertent intermission may be required.