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Topic: New Curriculum

Letter: Open Curriculum founder would support consulting

Letters to the Editor, Opinions

Letter: Open Curriculum founder would support consulting

October 4, 2018 Comments are Disabled

To the editor: In his column published Sept. 24, Aidan Calvelli ’19 argued that working in management consulting betrays the principles that Elliot Maxwell ’68 P ’06 and Ira Magaziner ’69 P ’06, P ’07, P ’10 built into the New Curriculum. Is the author aware that Magaziner spent much […]

University News

Independent concentrations reflect students’ interdisciplinary interests

April 6, 2015 1 comment

As sophomores rush to declare their concentrations Monday, some may take the opportunity to design their own independent concentrations.

University News

Taking a closer look at concentration advising

November 18, 2014 Comments are Disabled

Magaziner ’69 and Maxwell ’68, architects of the open curriculum, recommended in 1967 that the U. place “increased importance” on academic counseling.

University News

Underclassmen ‘reorient’ for second semester

January 24, 2013 3 comments

Brown Conversation helps freshmen and sophomores reflect on undergrad experiences