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When studying tetrahedral nanoparticles, Chen’s team discovered that the building blocks  “self-assembled” into quasicrystalline structure.

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University scientists accidentally discover new crystalline structure

March 4, 2019 0 comments

When Assistant Professor of Chemistry Ou Chen and his team set out to study the structures formed by tetrahedral building blocks, they instead stumbled across an entirely new quasicrystalline structure.


Liang ’19: Nobel hypocrisy?

October 13, 2016 0 comments

Our own Professor of Physics J. Michael Kosterlitz recently won the 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics. It’s a big deal. A BIG DEAL.

J. Michael Kosterlitz was announced a winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics for foundational research conducted in the 1970s with David Thouless.

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Michael Kosterlitz wins Nobel Prize

October 5, 2016 0 comments

This year’s prize was given for the physicists’ “theoretical discoveries of topological phase transitions and topological phases of matter.”