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Topic: Public Art

A panel of University community members met to discuss the bronze, life-size replica of the original marble Caesar Augustus statue and the spirit of “colonial imperialism” it embodies. Suggestions ranged from removing the statue completely to replacing it with indigenous art.

Arts & Culture

Town hall explores function, history of Brown’s statues and monuments

September 28, 2020 6 comments

Brown students, faculty and alums logged onto Zoom to attend a town hall on the meaning and implications of the statues and monuments that decorate Brown’s campus.

‘Untitled (Lamp/Bear)’ to be removed from Brown’s campus ‘over the coming weeks’

Arts & Culture, News, University News

‘Untitled (Lamp/Bear)’ to be removed from Brown’s campus ‘over the coming weeks’

August 17, 2020 3 comments

Urs Fischer’s 2006 sculpture, “Untitled (Lamp/Bear),” one of campus’ most divisive and lurid examples of public art, is preparing to make its exit from Ruth J. Simmons Quadrangle “over the coming weeks” after more than four years since its June 2016 arrival.  

Columns, Opinions

Miller ’19: Let students leave their mark on campus art

April 10, 2018 Comments are Disabled

Early on in my Brown career, I ascended the five-story staircase in the List Art Center, and level by level, discovered an ever-changing, floor-to-ceiling mural showcasing Brown’s most creative artists.


Anuj Krishnamurthy ’19: Brown’s undemocratic approach to public art

November 4, 2016 Comments are Disabled

On a recent weekday morning, I was walking on the Main Green when my eyes chanced upon a sight more frightful than anything Halloweekend could offer