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University class collaborates with private space company

News, Science & Research

University class collaborates with private space company

March 8, 2019 Comments are Disabled

Last semester as part of a graduate-level seminar class, a group of students partnered with private space company OrbitBeyond to help plan for OrbitBeyond’s lunar rover launch in 2020.

The Jezero Crater proves to be a promising site for exploration due to its geographic location. The crater lies at the edge of the Isidis Basin, sits on the volcanic plain Syrtis Major and is intersected by fractures known as the Nili Fossae.

News, Science & Research

Jezero Crater selected as Mars 2020 mission landing site

November 29, 2018 1 comment

Following the announcement of the program nearly six years ago, the Mars 2020 rover mission has selected the Jezero Crater as its landing site.