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Simmons appointed President of Prairie View A&M University

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Simmons appointed President of Prairie View A&M University

November 8, 2017 0 comments

Ruth Simmons made history in 2001 as the first African-American president of an Ivy League university, but she isn’t done yet.


Editorial: Power of a portrait

February 1, 2016 0 comments

For many prospective students, one of the spaces on Brown’s campus that stands out most prominently during tours is the portrait gallery in Sayles Hall.

Former president Ruth Simmons will be the 36th person to have her portrait hung in Sayles Hall, but is the first African-American woman and third person of color.

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Simmons portrait hung in Sayles

January 28, 2016 4 comments

A portrait of former President Ruth Simmons was installed in Sayles Hall over winter break, joining 35 other historic faces.

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Ruth Simmons inaugurates Slavery and Justice Center

October 25, 2014 1 comment

Former President Ruth Simmons spoke on the role of universities in recognizing human rights violations at the Slavery and Justice Center opening Friday.

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Admin salary changes reflect faculty turnover

September 25, 2014 2 comments

President Christina Paxson made a base salary of $350,000 in 2012, the most recent year for which data are available, according to University data.


Editorial: Preserving the core of Brown

November 7, 2013 0 comments

As Building on Distinction is implemented, more can be done to reward and prioritize student and faculty commitments to Brown’s undergraduate core.

President Christina Paxson’s plan builds on her predecessor’s but contrasts with Ruth Simmons’ vision of Brown in terms of specificity and ambition.

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As Paxson charts U.’s future, Simmons’ influence lingers

November 4, 2013 2 comments
This article is part of the series Launching a Legacy?

Shifting economic circumstances instilled caution in President Christina Paxson’s strategic plan.

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In Simmons’ final year, student opinion remains favorable

April 26, 2012 0 comments
This article is part of the series Spring 2012 Student Poll

In a Herald poll conducted last month, 81 percent of students responded that President Ruth Simmons has contributed to their Brown experience in a positive way. Only two percent of students said Simmons contributed in a negative way.

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Student approval of Simmons rises

November 15, 2011 0 comments
This article is part of the series Fall 2011 Student Poll

In the wake of her September announcement that she plans to step down at the end of this academic year, President Ruth Simmons remains a popular figure in the eyes of students. Her job approval rating among students increased from last semester’s rating of 62.4 percent to 68.2 percent, according to the most recent Herald poll.