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Foster ’19: Don’t fall into the fall recruiting trap

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Foster ’19: Don’t fall into the fall recruiting trap

September 24, 2018 1 comment

The career fair is today. As Brown students weave through a sea of recruiters, they’re likely to see table after table of technology, finance and consulting companies. These large, moneyed corporations have something very attractive to offer students — certainty.

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Savello ’18: Thesis writing — passion or pressure?

March 5, 2018 0 comments

The summer before my senior year, I swore to myself I wouldn’t write a senior thesis. I wanted to spend my final year at Brown making the most of my classes and activities — not stressing over a random 40+ page research paper I had no interest in writing.

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Kumar ’17: Leaving Brown, and hate, behind

April 26, 2017 2 comments

With Commencement just 31 days away, many of my fellow seniors find themselves in the throes of a full-blown existential crisis. Last September, I wrote myself “A pep talk for senior year,” in which I found cause for optimism despite “a general sense that the world into which we were […]


Kumar ’17: A pep talk for senior year

September 9, 2016 0 comments

The beginning of my senior year at Brown is not going according to plan.