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Topic: TAPS

Professors of engineering have noted that their classes, which require visual demonstrations, cannot be conducted to the same degree online.

News, University News

Professors react to remote learning, prepare for potential online fall semester

April 15, 2020 Comments are Disabled

As the University prepares for students’ return to campus in the fall, while also crafting contingency plans for a potential virtual semester, professors — many already balancing the transition to online classes this semester — are thinking about what September could bring..

The play titled “kemps” drew on Horwitz’s own experiences at summer camp playing the card game kemps. The play aims to explore womanhood and depict the unique, unspoken understanding of close friends.

Arts & Culture

Original play ‘kemps’ celebrates womanhood, sisterhood

November 6, 2019 Comments are Disabled

On the evening of Oct. 31, audience members crowded into Leeds Theatre to see the debut of “kemps,” an absurdist experimental play written by Emma Horwitz ’20 MFA and directed by Josiah Davis ’20 MFA.

The play was written by Japanese playwright Toshiki Okada and translated by Aya Ogawa, the translator of over a dozen of Okada’s works. Several different actors portray the show’s two protagonists at the same time, which Ogawa noted made translation difficult. Sock and Buskin’s show will run at Leeds Theatre through Sunday, April 14.

Arts & Culture

Sock and Buskin play explores identity, technology with complex structure

April 9, 2019 Comments are Disabled

Sock and Buskin’s production of “The Sonic Life of a Giant Tortoise,” now showing at Leeds Theatre through April 14, uses a University setting and fragmented narration to touch on themes of alienation, technology, identity and the mundanity of everyday life.

Sock and Buskin’s latest show, “Next to Normal,” focuses on a woman facing grief and living with bipolar disorder. The show will run until Nov. 11.

Arts & Culture

“Next to Normal” grapples with mental illness, grief

November 5, 2018 Comments are Disabled

xt to Normal,” running Nov 1-11 at the Stuart Theater, features a raw and moving story delivered by outstanding student actors.

A new endowment fund for the theater arts and performance studies department will create programs supporting neurodiversity and inclusion.

News, University News

New TAPS endowment funds neurodiversity efforts

February 6, 2018 Comments are Disabled

The theater arts and performance studies department announced the creation of an endowment fund that aims to support theater and performance programs for adults diagnosed with autism.

‘Antisocial,’ screened in the Granoff Tuesday and Wednesday, explores the influence of free speech and social media on Romanian student life.

Arts & Culture

‘Antisocial’ delves into Romanian student life

September 22, 2016 Comments are Disabled

“Antisocial” chronicles how a scandal involving a prestigious high school in a Romanian town affected the community’s students, parents and teachers.

“Resistance (Happening),” co-produced by Radu Stanca National Theatre and Lucian Blaga University, explores the negative consequences of greed.

Arts & Culture

Visiting production critiques capitalism

September 22, 2016 2 comments

“Resistance (Happening)” tells the story of three women — Anka, Roza and Clara — as they seek a way to resist corporate exploitation and greed.

Shakespeare in the City unlocks student creativity

Arts & Culture, Illustrations

Shakespeare in the City unlocks student creativity

April 21, 2016 Comments are Disabled

Audience members at the TAPS production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” last month may have been surprised to see middle school students on the scene.

Arts & Culture

‘The Beggar’s Opera’ to provide ‘hip’ take on British classic

March 17, 2016 Comments are Disabled

This weekend, Brown Opera Productions will put on an opera written before the Declaration of Independence.

“Artists and Scientists as Partners” blends elements of theater, neuroscience and pubic health into a class that encourages multiple perspectives.

Arts & Culture

Parkinson’s patients, students, dancers come together for performance

March 4, 2016 Comments are Disabled

Three very different populations will take the stage in the Granoff Center for the Creative Arts Saturday.