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Dara Bayer ’08 is serving as the University’s inaugural transformative justice program coordinator.

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University hires transformative justice program coordinator

September 13, 2019 1 comment

The University hired Dara Kwayera Imani Bayer ’08 this summer to serve as its inaugural Transformative Justice Program Coordinator, where she will oversee projects that aim to address violence and instances of harm through accountability and healing rather than punitive or legal measures.

University continues efforts to incorporate transformative justice practices

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University continues efforts to incorporate transformative justice practices

September 6, 2019 0 comments

This fall, 15 to 20 first-year students will have the opportunity to engage in conversations about structural violence, community accountability and transformative justice in a new pilot program called Building Transformational Community.

The University aims to hire a program coordinator for the Institute for Transformative Practice. The coordinator will work with existing communities  to facilitate support and healing to address harm within groups such as sororities, fraternities and athletic teams.

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University to hire transformative justice program coordinator

March 14, 2019 Comments are Disabled

At the Undergraduate Council of Students’ Wednesday general body meeting, Assistant Director for Community Dialogue and Campus Engagement Marc Peters spoke about the search for a program coordinator to develop and implement transformative justice models for conflict resolution.