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Topic: Uyghur

Harris ’22 and Iqbal ’24: American response to Uyghur genocide

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Harris ’22 and Iqbal ’24: American response to Uyghur genocide

June 10, 2021 1 comment

Since 2014, the Chinese government has executed a relentless campaign of mass detainment, high-tech surveillance and religious persecution against Uyghur and other primarily Muslim groups in Xinjiang Province (often referred to as “East Turkestan” by Uyghurs).

Carlton College’s Adeeb Khalid, a historian with expertise in South Asia, described how the Chinese Communist Party’s “transhistorical” identity conflicts with the Uyghur’s Turkic ethnic identity, which dates back to the days of the Russian Empire.

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Visiting lecturer details mass internment of ethnic Uyghurs in China

October 23, 2019 Comments are Disabled

In light of recent media attention on the ongoing mass detention of the Uyghur Muslims in China, Carlton College’s Professor of Asian Studies and History Adeeb Khalid spoke on the history of the people and their relationship to the Chinese government.