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what your favorite activity says about you

It’s that time of the year again: Halloweekend—the wonderful weekend where students celebrate the joyous holiday of Halloween. Fortunately for us this year, Halloween actually falls on a weekend, so we’re not stuck debating if Halloweekend should be the weekend before or after Halloween (which usually turns into both weekends and thus more costume ideas you have to come up with). During this weekend, there is a large selection of activities to choose from. Will you go to a big Halloween costume party or will you stay in with your friends and watch scary movies? Read more to find out what your favorite Halloweekend activity says about you!

Large Costume Party

This is a typical event for many Brown students. There’s a decently sized selection of costume parties every year, so there is some variety in the available types of Halloween party vibe and thus types of partygoer. Usually, though, this person wants to be perceived. The large costume party attracts those that want to put effort and thought into a costume, just like they would for trick-or-treating but with a more intense social element. This partygoer wants to attract attention, start up a conversation, or dance the night away. Are you going as a lingerie-wearing devil? Are you going as Bob the Builder? Either way, you want to be noticed. Additionally, this person usually wants to let off a lot of steam from midterm season. And what better way to do that than by having your ears blown out by loud music and your eyes overstimulated by colorful lights and moving people?

Small Friend Gathering


This intimate gathering most likely includes costumes, but unlike the big costume parties, the “vibrations” here are much calmer, and there’s really no expectation to impress anyone. People who prefer to participate in this type of activity are usually the type of friends who would be described as “weathered.” Their youthful days of big parties and loud noises are in the past. To them, big parties are more of a hassle than fun now. What seems enjoyable is just sitting around with some friends in costumes, casually drinking, and sharing laughter. This type of person is also 75 percent likely to invite you over for a cup of tea and let you pet their cat. Yes, they’re probably the “mom” friend.

Watching a Scary Movie

If your favorite Halloweekend activity is watching a scary movie, you’re most likely stuck in this limbo between loving a good thrill but also wanting to stay cozy in bed. Sure, haunted houses exist, but why go to one when you could just pull up your computer and watch Halloweentown (and probably get a better scare anyways)? You’re also somebody whose existence is highly dependent upon nostalgia. The current world you’re in is a tough one, so you would rather be sucked away into Halloween movies from your childhood. 

Carving a Pumpkin

Carving a pumpkin is an activity that takes a lot of manual energy. A lot of strength, if you will. So, if this is your favorite activity, you’re either a certified girl boss, or you're someone with a lot of built-up anger. I mean, c’mon, you’re carving into a pumpkin and pulling out its GUTS. You have to be feeling some type of way for this to be your favorite activity. Alternatively, you’re just a very artistic person, and this happens to be the Halloweekend activity with the most creative edge. Either way, you love getting your hands dirty, putting in the work, and seeing your messy efforts pay off.


Your favorite Halloweekend activity is trick-or-treating? If so, you are definitely a child. Just kidding! There’s no shame in still trick-or-treating, but if you still do, it is highly possible that you are very child-adjacent in appearance and thus deemed as an acceptable trick-or-treater by adults when you ask them for candy. You are also most likely one of the few lucky young adults who still has a sweet tooth able to survive a bag full of pure sugar! And finally, you have a lot of energy. You willingly brace the steep Providence streets for a few hours just to get a bag full of candy. Really, that’s amazing, and I applaud you.

Of course, keep in mind that since there are dozens of other activities, this is not a set definition of who you are. Be yourself and do whatever you want this Halloweekend. Just make sure to stay safe and healthy!

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