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Cowboy Carter

a country album that calcified [A&C]

All those weeks ago, in the middle of Super Bowl LVIII, Beyoncé came along and “broke the internet” with the surprise release of twin country singles “TEXAS HOLD ‘EM” and “16 CARRIAGES,” a preview of her upcoming album. Almost immediately, a fiery debate ensued among the self-appointed ...

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the streets are alive [lifestyle]

What sound do your shoes make when they hit the pavement?

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lawn people [lifestyle]

Tending to the lawn is a source of pride for some and a burden for others. My younger brother, for one, holds the former sentiment. As the eldest daughter of my family, I managed to escape the duties of mowing the lawn; that honor was bestowed on the son. Classic. When my brother first took on the responsibility, ...

mama, it's me

mama, it's me [feature]

On our second visit, Xiao Li tells us of a breakthrough: If you knot the top corners of the blanket around the first metal bar on each side of the bed, lao lao won’t get up at night. The contraption is simple: she tries to sit up, the blanket holds her down. With such little room between the mattress ...


how to be someone [A&C]

Graduation looms ahead and is all too tangible for my liking. Just over five weeks away—37 days until the end, to be exact. Over the past few weeks, I’ve lost all ability to conceptualize time; I have the date marked on all my calendars, I am receiving far too many emails about applying to graduate, ...

half faded.png

half-faded, but alive [narrative]

Lately, I’ve been watching myself disappear again. I remember the feeling, achingly familiar, like the warm hug of your covers when you know you’ve slept too long past your alarm. It used to cling to me constantly. My freshman year of college, at any given point, I wasn’t sure whether I existed. ...


post- post- [narrative]

“We have a lot of fun here,” said a Brown Daily Herald staff member with his shoulders tensed up to his ears, in a tone so serious you would think he was delivering tragic news. Maybe the copious amount of devastating news he reports on the Daily has altered his perception of “fun.” The amount ...

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how many shotscan we fit intwenty minutes


hunting for clues, eschewing the blues

Purpose is hard to come by in the winter. But in the spring? And on the weekend? It's easy to find purpose on spring weekends. From here on out, the G-Cal populates itself. This weekend, it is Yves Tumor, and last weekend, it was Brown Puzzlehunt. Serendipity had brought newfound acquaintances from ...

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the sisterhood of the traveling pants

Our sophomore year, we lived in a Grad Center suite right next to the tower’s entryway. Nestled between the entryway and our suite, there was a shelf labeled with a paper sign marked “TRADING POST.” For the first few weeks, the shelf was dotted with old biochem textbooks and broken hangers, discarded ...

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notes on collisions

I first heard “Pears” by Weston Estate the summer between senior year of high school and freshman year of college. No longer compelled to fill my schedule with volunteer shifts at the hospital or community college classes to pad my college applications, each day blended hazily into the next. This ...

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never meet your heroes.png

never meet your heroes [lifestyle]

The warm, sunny days of spring are almost upon us. Sure, returning to the great outdoors will be nice, but there’s something else about spring that is the real source of our excitement. Springtime heralds the emergence of all the people who have, until now, been hermiting away to weather out the winter, ...

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[feature] out of bloom

“They’re just trees; no more pictures!” whines a boy, maybe six years old, to his parents. He is much more invested in the line of ice cream trucks a few meters away than posing with the sakura. 

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how to make a dorm a home! [lifestyle]

Move-in day is perhaps the most hectic day of college. It can be an exciting and nerve-wracking time, especially if it’s your first one. Granted, we’re a fair bit away from the next move-in day, but as someone who has already started planning my future room’s color scheme and decorations, I’m ...

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