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falling in love with your friends

falling in love with your friends [A&C]

We’re all wrapped together under a blanket on an air mattress that’s too small for us. She’s in the middle and my head is on her shoulder. Your head is on her other one. The three of us all have dark brown curly hair and now our curls spill seamlessly onto the pillows. You’re talking about your ...

a bloody good scare

a bloody good scare [A&C]

“It is women who love horror. Gloat over it. Feed over it. Are nourished by it. Shudder and cling and cry out and come back for more.” – Bela Lugosi 


nollywood [feature]

“I am a product of Nollywood and my loyalty remains unshaken.” -Genevieve Nnaji

advice from a dorm gecko.PNG

advice from a dorm gecko [lifestyle]

I didn’t come to college intending to buy a gecko, and yet there I was in the Providence Petco on my eighteenth birthday, looking at potential terrariums for the future third resident of my Keeney double.

heart beating of a campus crush.png

heart beating of a campus crush [lifestyle]

As you sit tucked in the hidden nooks around campus, nestled on a bench with a hot chai latte in hand, you can’t help but look up from your work and take in all of the unfamiliar faces—the crowds of students walking to their morning class or racing to the Blue Room.

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from the kitchen table [narrative]

My feet swing under the chipped wooden table. I soak in the smell of sizzling tomato sauce. My grandmother’s hands—soft from Pond’s hand lotion but aged from years of hot oil splashes—are a blur. I watch her float from oven to stove, guiding raw ingredients into a meal. Unwashed vegetables, ...


all the purple i could need [narrative]

When I’m nervous, my therapist tells me to try to find each color of the rainbow. To find them in my environment, and to find them in order. She says the rainbow will appear in the amount of time it takes to calm myself down. To breathe. To see all the colors again in full, in combination. In beauty ...


n + 2 reasons i love you [narrative]

Dearest Mathematics,

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flowers on v-day... [feature]

“Hey, I got you something!” 

A New Nervous System

a new nervous system [A&C]

In September of 2023, I published my one (and only) Substack post: “To Care or Not To Care?” The plan was to embark on a journey to “redefine, reconfigure, and reshape how I perceive care” over the course of the semester—the motivation for this first post being both a heart-wrenching breakup ...

gray area.png

gray area [A&C]

TW: sexual assault 

lifestyle_a guide to intentionality.jpeg

outfits prompts and you [lifestyle]

Oftentimes I find myself struggling with intentionality in my outfits, merely throwing the basic array of my favorites together into an acceptable pattern as I gather enough energy to get to breakfast. It’s a difficult pill for me to swallow. I have never been a capsule wardrobe person; my goal has ...

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editor's note [s24] [01]

2/8/24Dear Readers,I felt a lot scurrying up the stairs to prod tonight: the singe of cigarettes in the air, the two-day-after (overmorrow) tinge of pain in my lower quads, the anticipated Trader Joe’s Chocolatey Coated Chocolate Chip Cookie Dunkers binge as we snack and work. I also felt scared; ...

do you remember me?

do you remember me? [A&C]

On paper, Celine Song’s Past Lives is a simple movie. A girl named Na-young has a crush on her classmate and close friend, Hae Sung, until her family decides to immigrate from Korea to Canada and she leaves. The two find each other on social media years later and briefly keep in touch before their ...

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