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about us

post- is a creative nonfiction magazine published weekly with its parent publication, The Brown Daily Herald. We cover the lifestyle, art, and culture of students at Brown University.  

Our 4 Sections Include: 

Feature, Narrative, Arts & Culture, and Lifestyle, here’s what to expect from our editors:

What is Feature?

“post- Features welcomes long-form pieces—both journalistic and narrative, personal and research-based—on just about any subject you have something to say about. We've published writing about language acquisition, surgical masks, math as art, choosing a concentration, and pet adoption, just to name a few! Our articles combine a writer's personal voice with outside sources to create detailed nonfiction writing that reflects a wide range of interests and perspectives.”

What is Narrative?

"The Narrative section welcomes writers looking to share their stories, with a special emphasis on personal narratives, works of creative nonfiction, and anecdotes or musings about life! Through these stories, we hope to reflect a wide range of lived experiences and perspectives in our student community."

What is Arts & Culture?

“Are you always talking about your latest music/film/pop culture obsession? Are your friends sick of it? Tell the Arts & Culture section about it instead! We're looking to share your stories, reflections, and commentaries on the ways that arts and culture have shaped your experiences. We want to highlight all genres and interpretations to bring out the essential role that arts and culture play in connecting us to each other and the world around us.”

What is Lifestyle?

“The lifestyle section is looking for writers who want to share guides, advice, and experiences about Brown University, Providence, student life, and community activism. We welcome a wide range of article ideas, writing styles, and perspectives. We aim to develop creative content (articles, quizzes, photos) that undergraduates can relate to and find useful in their daily lives!”


What is the backpage?

Comprised of 3 sections, the backpage is a staple of post-’s publications that gives you the weekly overview in a sweeping glance: the hot post- time machine that honors and echoes notable quotes from articles past, the context-less snippets of conversations we overhear for Overheard@Brown, and the ever-iconic Top 10 lists generated by our talented crew weekly. On it you’ll find (both?) brevity and the soul of wit.

What does post- mean?

Beats us! Or rather, it’s quite hard to pin down to one thing. We like to think of it as an all encompassing commentary on the core values of post- —be it an implied adjunct to the rest of the word post-modern, a crisp abridgement of “newspaper” or “publication”, a chronological indication of how we were founded after the main paper, or to signal an interruption or non-conformity, it can really mean anything that comes to mind.

Edit: It appears Wikipedia has this as the answer, which we accept, though, journalists be warned, no citation was provided for this! 

“Its name originally referenced the academic convention of using "post-" as a prefix—as in "post-modernism" and "post-structuralism"—to indicate transcending older modes of thought.”

Has post- always been an online publication?

post- has historically printed with the Brown Daily Herald, taking the centerfold of the paper weekly on Fridays, as well as having an online presence in the form of online articles and our issuu reservoir. As of 2023 September, we have launched our own independent website where you can find our weekly publications, editor’s notes, backpages, and previous publications all in one place!

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