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“I have a thing for females with their nipples out, I feel like it’s an accessory.”

“I think being a hater has protected my peace” 

Hot post- time machine
Everything inside you beats: the thunderclap of your heart, the shuddering of your breath, the quivering of your stomach. It all beats. Like wings. Like things longing for freedom, longing for escape from this prison of flesh, blood, and skin that you call your body.”

—Daniel Hu, “A Glossary of Terms for ” 9.23.22

“We think of spring as beautiful, watching the earth as it slowly reawakens from its hibernation and retains its summertime vibrancy. We don’t consider how painful this transition could be; we expect beauty to simply bloom at the snap of a finger.”

—Ellyse Givens “Changing My Seasons” 9.24.21

Top 10 Things You Say You’ll Do This Semester But Definitely Won’t Get Around To 

  1. Intramural volleyball
  2. Write the entire syllabus for an independent study you and your friends are always talking about putting together
  3. Readings
  4. Joining the niche club your acquaintance is running, thanklessly, once again this year
  5. Get dinner with that one friend you make small talk with
  6. Go to the Nelson (consistently)
  7. Read Today@Brown
  8. Get your nose pierced
  9. Drastically change your wardrobe (finally start dressin’)
  10. Eat the correct number of vegetables per day (at least 2)

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