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Can you believe it? No—really—stop and think about it for a moment: We’re all (for the most part) back on campus! For many of us, there’s an overwhelming sense of appreciation for some hint of returning normalcy after a year and a half since that fateful email from CPax. Now that everyone has had a chance to settle in, here are a few simple bucket-list items for you to make the most of your hot Brown-student autumn! 

Try a new coffee shop

You may try convincing me otherwise, but I know that the vast majority of this campus runs on caffeine. While there are several on-campus options to make a quick pit stop before hitting the libraries, I highly recommend changing up your routine and exploring surrounding local coffee shops! Near the south side of campus is the simplistically named The Shop. Try one of their specialty matcha lattes as well as their homemade bread. Also on Wickenden, you can find a wide variety of roast drinks at Coffee Exchange. And, just in case you want to make your own at home, they also sell a large selection of coffee beans. Other places to get a quality drink and strong aesthetic vibes are Dave’s Coffee and Bolt Coffee. They are well worth the walk! 

Talk to someone new in one of your classes 


Want to know the quickest way to meet new people? Turn to the people you see every week in class! Nothing builds camaraderie quite like crying over problem sets or essays together. This might feel especially relevant to first-years and sophomores, as they’re still meeting many new people. But honestly, it also remains true for upperclassmen who spent the last year sticking to their COVID-19 pods. Most of us only spend four years at Brown, so we might as well step outside our usual friend groups. They could end up being your best friend, a study buddy, or even your significant other. The possibilities are endless! Just remember, it’s not weird to introduce yourself and ask if they want to get a meal. The other person will probably appreciate that you did! In these pandemic times, we’re all relearning social interactions, so don’t stress it. 

Dress up and go out 

Have a fit that’s been sitting in your closet, begging to be worn? Despite what you may believe, you don’t actually need a specific occasion to wear what you want. Whether it’s class, a nice dinner, or a hike up Thayer on a Friday night, there’s definitely an opportunity to express your style. If you’re going to dinner though, might I suggest Rosalina, a charming Italian restaurant downtown? Having worn sweatpants and pajamas for most of quarantine, I will be the first to hype you up and say go for it! Also, have you noticed the new crispness in the air? Summer is sadly coming to a give those summer fits a spectacular finale!

End a late night at Jo’s 

This is a Brown University classic for a reason! For upperclassmen, there’s an inherent nostalgia to this tradition. Inhaling the smell of a spicy with, adding Jo’s sauce, and grabbing a side of fries or mozza sticks is the comfort meal we all need from time to time. Gathering around the table and reliving the night is the cherry on top of any outing. For underclassmen, I recommend making Jo’s the regular late-night spot for you and your friends. You will learn to appreciate its chaotic charm and greasy goodness.

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