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october calendar [lifestyle]

gcal looking a little empty?

Sunday, October 1: visit a pumpkin patch

everyone talks about the charlie brown christmas tree, but what about the charlie brown pumpkin? buy a disfigured, unwanted one and give it a loving home <3

Monday, October 2: paint pumpkins

doll up the ugly, bruised one you brought home yesterday


Tuesday, October 3: go-leaf hunting

then leave the pretty ones on your desk to rot because you’re too sentimental to throw them away

Wednesday, October 4: have a fall birthday

a lil’ wednesday evening main green charcuterie board?

Thursday, October 5: take the midnight train goin' anywhere

(except go during the day so you can look at the pretty changing leaves!)

Friday, October 6: play checkers

what’s more fall than checkers?! the board is literally plaid!

Saturday, October 7: make caramel apples

so beautiful yet so difficult to eat


Sunday, October 8: cook some chili

…and instantly burn the roof of your mouth with it

Monday, October 9: drink hot apple cider


Tuesday, October 10: make a fall playlist

the smiths own the month of october. i don't make the rules. 

Wednesday, October 11: go to a haunted house

whoever walks in the front of the group is the alpha friend

Thursday, October 12: make a leaf garland

hey, here’s something to do with those crumbling, week-old leaves in your room: make festive fall artwork!

Friday, October 13: make a campfire on the beach

ok, so this one may not be 100% legal, but i won't tell if you bring the s’mores

Saturday, October 14: go on a bike ride

and enjoy the peak of leaf-changing season according to the farmer’s almanac (the more you know!)

Sunday, October 15: go to a fall festival

get lost in the corn maze

Monday, October 16: reemerge from the corn maze

still you, but… different

Tuesday, October 17: make pumpkin bread

if only for the heavenly smell

Wednesday, October 18: have a solo fall photoshoot

run into your crush and wish you were never born

Thursday, October 19: light a pumpkin-scented candle

literally all you have to do all day

Friday, October 20: have an apple pie bake-off

what’s better than baking? making a competition out of it!

Saturday, October 21: do some holiday shopping in advance

i’ll bet you a snow globe that christmas decorations will already be on the shelves

Sunday, October 22: make a fall cocktail (or mocktail)

it’s friday night somewhere, am i right…?

Monday, October 23: watch a scary movie

whoever decided coraline’s other parents should have buttons for eyes needs professional help

Tuesday, October 24: jump into a pile of leaves

it’s not as fun as it used to be, but you have to do it once a year for nostalgia’s sake

Wednesday, October 25: go on a horseback ride

classes? never heard of them.

Thursday, October 26: tour a winery

you may have missed your mwf classes yesterday, but you haven’t missed any t/th ones yet…

Friday, October 27: put spooky decorations on your door

let the trick-or-treaters know you’re open for business

Saturday, October 28: make pumpkin soup

and burn the roof of your mouth…again

Sunday, October 29: run a 5k

beat the sunday

Monday, October 30: make hot cocoa and read a book

sit back & recover

Tuesday, October 31: do your homework.

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