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holiday gift guide [lifestyle]

unique presents for everyone on your list

As you get older, you realize that giving gifts is much more satisfying than receiving them. Seeing your family's faces light up at the perfect gift is the best part of the holidays. However, it can be difficult to decide what to make or buy while considering their taste, what they already have, and your own budget. That’s why I’ve listed below some creative and budget-friendly gift ideas to show your loved ones how much you care!

1. A candle

Help your mom freshen up the living room with a lovely scented candle! Choose her favorite scent to show her you pay attention to the little things.


2. A $15 AT&T gift card

Is your brother always on his phone? With the versatile gift of a $15 AT&T gift card, he can buy 30% of a silicone phone case! Or you can help him out with his phone plan this year; phone plans aren't cheap, and with this gift, you can help cover 9% of his monthly payment for December!

3. Cellulite cream

If your sister is a teenager, then she probably wants some cellulite cream, but is too afraid to ask! Don't wait: buy her cellulite cream today and say “you're welcome” later.

4. A box of baby turtles

What's that scratching sound coming from under the Christmas tree? And what's that acrid stench? That's right, it's a box of baby turtles! Spare your little siblings from the banality of a regular old puppy this year with the gift of ~80 live baby turtles.


5. Authentic WWII metal and brass keyer morse code tape

Is your dad a history buff? Then he'll be thrilled to unwrap an authentic WWII metal and brass keyer morse code tape, in fair condition! It even comes with a power cord. This guy on Craigslist needs it off his hands in the next 36 hours, so act fast. 

6. Polly Pocket clothes

Does your little sister love to chew on those rubber Polly Pocket clothes? Who doesn't? This holiday season, give her the gift of those discontinued hard plastic ones with the magnets in them! You'll win Best Gift of the Year this holiday season when you give your little sister some magnetic plastic Polly Pocket clothes to munch on.

7. A knife

Is your aunt always complaining about how dull her knives are? Instead of buying some scarf she'll never wear, why not give your aunt the gift she really needs this year: a sharp knife! No need to wrap it, just leave it somewhere she can find it. Your aunt will love the gift of a very sharp knife. 

8. An all-inclusive trip to Palo Verde Generating Station

If your family needs a break from school and work, show them you care by purchasing them an all-inclusive vacation to the largest nuclear reactor in the United States! This affordable package includes Level 4 security clearance into the facility, an engaging presentation on emergency protocol, a tour of the exterior of the plant, and complimentary continental breakfast. 

9. The Kansas City Royals

The ultimate gift for the ultimate baseball fan! If you want an extra-special present for the baseball lover in your life, consider gifting them the Kansas City Royals this year. 

10. 126 acres of land in Kennedy County, Texas

If your dad loves the outdoors as much as mine does, then he’s sure to love 126 acres in Kennedy County, Texas! He’ll be free to walk about his new land and dig shallow holes. Nothing says “I love you, Dad” like 126 acres in Kennedy County, Texas. 

11. A bag of your hair

On your mom's hardest days, when she misses you the most, offer her the gift of comfort with a one-gallon Ziploc bag of your hair. She will be so happy to be able to remind herself of you when she looks at and touches a large bag of your hair. 

12. A mysterious ring of keys

Does it seem like your cousin has all the toys he could ever want? Give him the gift of a rusty ring of keys! A rusty ring of keys offers hours of play and creativity. Make sure to remind him never to use the keys to open The Shed.

13. The Gift of Fire

Are there mortals on your list? As the wint'ry night grows long and cold, bestow upon these fragile creatures the Gift of Fire. Women and children shall fall at your feet and praise you for the Gift of Fire. Your name shall live in eternity, etched into pulsing hearts of the souls to whom you have off'red the mercy of warmth. 

14. A bracelet

A bracelet can be an excellent gift for any jewelry lovers in your life. Gold or silver, charm bracelet or bangle—the possibilities are endless!

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