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Dear Readers,

One of my New Year’s Resolutions for this year was to be more present—to appreciate each and every moment, conversation, experience. Considering how shocked I was to learn that it’s already March, it’s safe to say that there is still progress to be made. Despite my best efforts to both stay on top of my workload and have quality downtime, I find myself defaulting to blocked-out calendars and long to-do lists, as though comforted by this vicious cycle of productivity: fill free time with work → have more free time… that can be filled with more work. As I’ve failed to make time to do the things I enjoy, I’ve been dwelling on a quote by Annie Dillard where she says, “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” One “busy” week turns into two, then three, where I lose sight of the simple pleasures that ground me: the coffee and Sylvia Plath poems in the mornings, the crosswords in the afternoons, the episodes of Modern Family in the evening. While I love the structure that schedules provide, I can’t help but feel guilty about making calendar entries for free time. 

This week in post-, our writers are feeling contemplative as well. In Feature, our writer reflects on queer love, community, and voyeurism in the archives. Meanwhile in Narrative, our writers have weather on their mind. Rain and snow alike, our writers talk about how their perspectives have shifted as they’ve acclimated to life in New England. In A&C, one writer talks about using emails as a love language for her friends. Another A&C writer discusses parodying the patriarchy and the prominence of queer leads in film. In Lifestyle, one writer shares the notes they’d leave for themself if they had amnesia, while another writer meditates on the art of slow living. And, as always, a crossword with idioms aplenty to round out your read. 

I must confess, dearest Readers, I have yet to perfect the balance between productivity and presence since this realization. But in acknowledging this unhealthy habit that many of us find hard to kick, I truly believe I’m one step closer to being more mindful. Instead of filling in every gap in my day, I intend on simply letting them be. Maybe I’ll go on a walk by the river, or host an Oscars watch party for my friends. Who knows? That’s the beauty of it. The only thing I do know is that my time reading post- every week is always time well spent, and yours should be too.


Here and now,
Katheryne Gonzalez
Narrative Managing Editor

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