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Dear Readers,

I’m writing this editor’s note inside a tent at the newly established Gaza Solidarity Encampment on the Main Green. Having had little experience with activism previously, I’ve had to think quite a bit about my decision to participate. Ultimately, I found myself contemplating what it means to be a senior. This is the last edition of post- I’ll be editing, after joining the team as a copyeditor back in the fall of 2020, before I was even on campus. As I’m getting ready to leave Brown, I’ve been thinking about the world I want to live in and the communities I want to help create. I suppose most seniors have similar thoughts: the combination of reflection on the past and anxiety toward the future seems to result in a fun blend of nostalgia, idealism, and plain cold fear. 

Our writers this week are also considering their tentative place in an equally unpredictable world. Our Feature writer contemplates mortality upon visiting her aging grandmother in the hospital. One Narrative writer compares their current unsteady, intangible existence to their freshman year self, while the other reflects on her identity as a writer and her time writing for post-. In A&C, one writer uses a playlist to cope with the uncertainty that follows graduation. Our other A&C writer examines Beyoncé’s recent re-emergence into the music scene in Cowboy Carter. One Lifestyle writer considers lawns and the unpredictability of life, and the other encourages mindfulness by listening to our surroundings. If you need a break from the fraught existentialism, our crossword this week is bigger and better than ever. 

A lot in the world is uncertain, and it can be challenging to navigate such an unknown landscape. Lately, I’ve been charting my course with the goal of working toward the world I want to see. Reader, whether you too are graduating, or are just concluding your first year at Brown—I hope you, me, all of us are able to build a better world with a place for everyone. In the meantime, sit down with a copy of post-. There’s some inspiration to be found in these pages. 


Fighting the good fight,
Eleanor Peters
Copy Chief

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