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winter wardrobe [lifestyle]

a clothing guide for the cold

There comes a time each fall semester when you stroll among the fallen leaves and the bitter wind of Providence numbs your fingertips to a shade of red that Rudolph would envy. To put up our best defense against another winter on the hill, it’s time to bust out the winter clothes! You may not know where to begin with putting together a presentable, yet homeostasis-approved look. If so, here are some outfit ideas so you don’t get stuck in a vicious cycle of sweatpants and a hoodie! 

Statement Pants

Need to keep your legs warm, but tired of wearing the same black leggings or basic blue jeans? Now is the perfect season to invest in a bold pair of pants to spruce up your wardrobe! Or take a pair of old jeans and DIY them with paint or sewing with yarn! I recommend a pair of straight or wide-leg pants that are either boldly colored or printed. Initially, these may seem frivolous, but pair them with a plain black or white top depending on the color scheme and these pants will become a regular staple in your wardrobe. Everyone needs a little color to pull them out of the dreariness of Providence weather. Go big or go home, am I right? 

Puffer Coats


These are pretty much a staple in every Brown student’s wardrobe for the coldest of temperatures. Since you most likely have one of these in your closet, I’d like to give you some ideas for rotating outfits using the same coat. If your coat is a solid, neutral color, then consider using bolder colors or patterns for your other clothing. This could take the form of the statement pants I mentioned earlier, a midi skirt, or a graphic t-shirt. For example, I would pair a plain black puffer with a white high neck halter top, bold red wide-leg jeans, and a pair of classic white sneakers. Most of the items are ubiquitous and indistinguishable, but the vivacious red wide-leg jeans add the right amount of contrast to elevate the outfit. 

Knitted Sweaters

Again, another staple in many Brown student closets. However, there’s quite a variety in types of knitted sweaters to consider. To keep warm and also as a statement piece if you don’t want to put on a coat, wear an oversized chunky sweater in a bright color. I applaud anyone who possesses the talent to knit a sweater themselves! Also, consider a button-down knit sweater. They may be fitted as a standalone piece or oversized and layered over another thinner top. Pair your knitted top with corduroy pants, jeans, layered over a maxi satin slip, or any other combo you desire! 


It’s the beginning of the holiday season, so how could I not mention sparkles? These may take several forms, from glitter to rhinestones. Any article of clothing or accessory––a necklace for example––will add that final holiday cheer touch! Even some facial glitter would add pop to a simple black dress! Personally, I have an eye out for a black sequin mini skirt for New Year’s. While most of these items won’t keep you warm, unless you find a sweater or pants, they are on theme for the holiday party you dragged yourself out of bed to attend. 

Balancing looking put together with dressing like you just rolled out of bed during the winter in Providence is certainly a struggle. However, I believe that dressing around a certain article of clothing, such as a puffer coat, is a good tool for putting together an outfit, as well as using basics in conjunction with a statement article of clothing. Hopefully, assembling an absolutely hot lewk will provide you with the confidence boost necessary to end this semester on a high note! 

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