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“I didn’t address how the homoromantic relationship between God and Noah had repercussions on his wife.”

“They’re not even ball sackular because they are not in the scrotum”


Hot post- time machine

“You’ve lived it, it’s been so full of knowing, and you’ve been so, so lucky. Everyone you’ve learnt and loved is yours to keep.”

—Aditi Marshan, “A Chronological Guide to Endless Joy” 04.28.23

“So instead I will run toward you, now and forever, and I will refuse, and refuse, and refuse goodbye.”

—Kaitlan Bui, “Regret is a Four Letter Word” 04.29.22

Top 10 Commandments

  1. Thou shall not lie
  2. Thou shall not cheat 
  3. Thou shall not get caught or you’ll end up just like me
  4. Ctrl-Alt-Delete
  5. The Catholic ones
  6. Washington Commanders
  7. No cuts, no buts, no coconuts
  8. Command hooks
  9. No reading post- with the lights off
  10. Thou shall Have a Good Summer



“I feel like clotting is kinda overhyped.”


“Do you think they’ll let dat ass pass?”

Hot post- time machine

“And what are secrets if not aloneness? A vow you make to yourself. An invisible shield. To identify the parts of yourself you hope no one sees. To make it so. To hide something, you must first hide the fact that something has been hidden. Bury the object and burn the map.”

— Emily Tom, “Secrets” 4.14.23

“The passing of time is easy to miss when you don’t pay attention. It sweeps by, and sometimes we want it to. We don’t realize how fast it’s going until it’s behind us. Then, when a timestamp reveals itself, it’s a jarring feeling.”

— Marin Warshay, “The Routine of Nostalgia” 4.15.22

Top 10 Things to Stare At

  1. Eclipse 
  2. Your campus crush
  3. post-
  4. You ;)
  5. Those TikToks where the thing gets crushed through the machine
  6. Ass and tits
  7. Paint drying
  8. The abyss 
  9. The Weather app at a party
  10. The ceiling



“They should make a grill called manic pixie dream grill.”

“I think dyslexia lets me see beyond the standard modes of communication.”

Hot post- time machine

“It is an indirect language that reduces and compresses large emotions into tangible pieces that can be contemplated and processed slowly, long after the event or people have moved through my life. It is often in this language that I can finally find understanding and expression for my slow, dimi-witted love.” 
—Joyce Gao, “The Peripheral View” 4.7.23

“There’s something comforting in knowing another person, whether I know them or not, will read these words and understand me a bit better. Or perhaps they’ll read these words and not care, because honestly, why should I expect them to? There are just things, emotions, thoughts, glimpses, memories, feelings, images, tastes, smells, conversations, experiences that I need to write about. And they won’t leave me alone until they’re out. I can always breathe better afterward.”

—Danielle Emerson, “When Can I Read Your Writing”, 4.7.22

Top 10 Cookies

  1. Monster
  2. Oatmeal raisin
  3. Girl scout
  4. Clicker
  5. The one you hesitantly give a mouse
  6. The ones you accept from websites
  7. Pizookie
  8. Nick’s best
  9. Smart
  10. By New Jeans



“My morning skinny was so good today I thought about taking nudes.”

“I don’t care I can hang out with my grandkids on acid”

Hot post- time machine

“Just like Chester, my sister and I slipped glass hearts—our mother’s kisses—into the outermost pockets of our backpacks to hold close when home seemed too far.” 

—Ellyse Givens, “Shield Me” 3.24.23

“Even so, there must be some long-hidden part of her that longs to be up, bobbing and buoyant with lungs full of fresh air, as there is within me”

—Mack Ford, “Longing Upward” 3.25.22

Top 10 Places to Go for Spring Break

  1. Providence, RI
  2. The North Pole
  3. My bedroom ;) 
  4. SciLi 11th floor 
  5. Miami, Ohio
  6. Bottom of the Mariana Trench
  7. Arrakis 
  8. Saturn by SZA
  9. North Dakota
  10. The pool on the roof of the Ratty



“What would you do if I was friends with a baby? Would you step in?”

“If I ask that on Google will that register me as a racist?”

Hot post- time machine

“The answers to all these seemed within our grasp. All it would take were a couple more candles, a healthy dose of belief, and another rainy, dark Wednesday night.”

— Damian Wasilewicz, “School Night Seance” 3.17.23

“In moments like these, I tend to have a hard time taking care of myself. I float around the edges of my body, slipping in and out of it with detached neutrality. It bumps into corners, lets go of dishes I’m trying to hold onto. It? Me? I’m not really sure.”
— Liza Kolbasov, “Stitched in Ink” 3.18.22

Top 10 Girls

  1. Bb
  2. Ur mom
  3. Scout cookies
  4. California
  5. Barbie in a Barbie World
  6. You ;)
  7. Mean 
  8. Brown Eyed
  9. Joan of Arc
  10. Uptown



“America’s PR team is doing a really good job with the eagles.”

“I gave up hating for Lent.”

Hot post- time machine

“I knew his stories wouldn’t leave me for a while, and I wondered if there was any part of our lives that he’d hold onto and remember, too, once in a while, as a part of the exchanges that happen when lives collide briefly in an ever-shifting world.” 

— Damian Wasilewicz, “Hostel-Hoppers” 3.17.23

Forget being jaded, edgy, or cool. Irony is overrated and cynicism is toxic. Instead, keep up the attitude that good will always triumph over evil.”

—Malena Colon, “Optimism, Hedonism, and Hair” 3.18.22

Top 10 Onomatopoeias

  1. Meow (=^・ω・^=)
  2. Pew pew
  3. MWAH :*
  4. BOOM
  5. Juice
  6. Bang Bang by Nicki, Jessie, and Ari
  7. Boing!
  8. Slurp
  9. Chomp
  10. Ermmm



“I wish we had tails so we could wag them.”

“I’ve decided to microdose happiness with a little bit of Dr. Pepper.”

Hot post- time machine

“But the sameness can also be relieving. As I listen to white noise, even if I’m lying awake, I remember that my sleeplessness has persisted within me since my infant days, and—in a way—that is comforting.”

— Sophie Pollack-Milgate, “White Noise” 2.24.23

“I want to melt down every moment, keep them in a heart-shaped locket around my neck. But time is like water between my fingers. The scene always ends, and a new one arrives, burning just as brightly.”

— Emily Tom, “Here and There” 2.25.22

Top 10 Days in February

  1. Groundhog Day
  2. 2/29
  3. Snow Day
  4. Valentine’s 
  5. Lunar New Year’s
  6. Rihanna’s Birthday
  7. Spunky Old Broads Day
  8. February Fools
  9. My dog’s birthday (2/26) 
  10. Bachelor Mondays



“Respectfully, I’d rather swallow glass than interact with someone like her.”

“I just want to drink milk from a goat’s udder.”

Hot post- time machine

“Even though I love spring the most, specific memories flit by like dragonflies over still water: unpredictable, shifting, dangerously close to falling out of the sky. I hold on to brief flashes.”

— Kyoko Leaman, “Spring Memories” 2.25.22

“Looking at those paintings, you can almost imagine that if you took a walk in them, you would eventually arrive at a blue world with blue houses, blue fields, blue sheep.”

— Joyce Gao, “The Blue Hour” 2.23.23

Top 10 Waters

  1. Not Dasani
  2. Balloons 
  3. -ing holes (if u are a bison)
  4. Slides 
  5. -fire
  6. CIT 4th floor kitchen
  7. -bear
  8. Boarding
  9. Iced (American)
  10. -gate



“Why is it always the sexiest animals that are the most invasive?”

“Orange powder is among the greatest food groups.”

Top 10 Snows

  1. Day!
  2. “Snow Angel” by Renée Rapp
  3. Angel (regular)
  4. Cone 
  5. Dandruff
  6. Yellow
  7. Duck 
  8. Coriolanus
  9. White & the Seven Dwarfs
  10. The kind that Glows white on the mountain tonight… not a footprint to be seen… a kingdom of isolation, and it looks like I’m the queen 

Hot post- time machine

“Light posts kiss the sidewalks with a warm yellow, outlining the curving paths that shepherd students from class to class during the daytime. The campus is so cute, like a quintessential colonial town, that the irritation brewing in my chest is forced to recede.”

— Ellyse Givens, “Into the Woods” 2.17.23

“The clock strikes midnight. We gather on the couch. For once, my mother does not fall asleep. For once, my brother comes down from his room. We turn the TV on, eagerly anticipating another installment of our ten-week-old ritual.”
—Malena Colon, “The Case Against Binging” 2.18.22



“We’re sitting there watching football. I sit criss-cross applesauce and my balls fall out.”

“Now, kindergarteners are where the real money is at.”

Top 10 Nuts

  1. Cashews
  2. Donuts
  3. Deez.
  4. Dark Chocolate–covered Almonds
  5. Me when I’m nuts for you
  6. Roasted pecans
  7. ;)
  8. the Egyptian sky goddess 
  9. & bolts
  10. post-... clarity

Hot post- time machine

I’m glad someone decided to save those notebooks and glad that, at least, this kind of purposelessness will remain. If anything, we’ve become more compulsive about documenting and compiling our things with no promise that we will ever return to them.”

— Alissa Simon, “Christmas Adventures in OpenAI” 2.17.23

“Despite it all, though, a 60 degree day unlocks the part of my brain that usually slumbers the winter away. My shoulders get a well-earned rest from scrunching up against the cold, my room gets some fresh air rolling in through the window.”

— Kyoko Leaman, “Letter from the Editor” 2.18.22

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