Diamonds & coal Diamonds & coal Diamonds & coal Diamonds and coal

Wednesday, October 6, 2004

A diamond to the new 24-hour study space in New Pembroke #4. If we lived in New Pembroke, we wouldn’t want to sleep there, either.

Coal to putting club sports under the jurisdiction of the Department of Athletics. You’re telling us the people who brought Brown the tortoise-racing club can’t manage some horseshoe matches?

A diamond to events planned by the new Steering Committee on Slavery and Justice. We’re pleased to see the University come through on its promise to provide intellectual diversity, although we’d also like to hear more from the conservative end of the academic spectrum.

Coal to the lack of space for large lectures and performances. We’d start a group to push for a lecture hall, but we wouldn’t have anywhere to meet.

A diamond to the “satanic” May Day rites of 1993 outside the old railway tunnel. Add some abandoned shopping carts, administrators and Thayer Street habituates, and you’ve got yourself a real Spring Weekend.

But a diamond to Spring Weekend’s Thursday concert, with Reel Big Fish, Blackalicious and Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, and one more to the prospect of Sleater-Kinney at the Saturday concert. (Note to Brown Concert Agency: Your “girlfriend” might not know, but we do.)

Coal to making a corporate scapegoat out of our favorite homemaker. Martha, you cook it just right.

A diamond to AS220 for its collaboration with the Rhode Island Training School and support for Broad Street Studios, engaging local kids, in and out of prison, with the Providence art scene.

And a diamond to Providence’s art scene. What is Providence’s art scene, you ask? In the words of Providence artist Alex Grey, it’s about “normal, everyday things … like sex when you’re tripping.”