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M. Grace Calhoun ’92 named vice president of athletics

By March 5, 2021

M. Grace Calhoun ’92 was named a new vice president of athletics and recreation March 5 according to an email to the Brown community from President Christina Paxson ’P19. The decision comes a month after former Athletics Director Jack Hayes’ departed his post Feb. 5, ending a national search for […]

Rhode Island community members turn to mutual aid, direct outreach during pandemic

By March 4, 2021

“All Services Free & Confidential,” reads a corner of the black-and-white handout being distributed to Kennedy Plaza passersby on a chilly March afternoon. The other side of the printed graphic advertises resources ranging from HIV testing to job application support.

Community welcomes back Jahunger, New England’s first Uighur restaurant, after two-year hiatus

By March 4, 2021

The Chinese idiom, 麻雀虽小, 五脏俱全, Má què suī xiǎo, wǔ zàng jù quán, translates to: Despite its small size, a sparrow still has all the vital organs, Jahunger owner and founder Nadia Parhat explained.

In wake of Jhamal Gonsalves’ crash and investigation, students, community members weigh in

By March 4, 2021

Anger and hurt. Those were the two emotions Mark Gonsalves Sr. said he experienced when he found out in January that the Providence police officers involved in an October moped crash that left his son Jhamal in a coma would not face criminal charges. 

Report finds Providence may be drastically underestimating its carbon emissions

By March 4, 2021

Providence may be underestimating its carbon dioxide emission figures by up to 60 percent, which would make it the city with the fifth-most inaccurate reporting in the country, according to a recent study published by Nature Communications.