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New game room replaces student arcade

Contributing Writer

The Young Arcade that was located in the lower level of Faunce House has been replaced by a revamped game lounge in the Stephen Robert ’62 Campus Center.  

Senior Director for Student Engagement Ricky Gresh, who chaired the campus center’s planning committee, said that use of the old game room had declined. The old game room “was a space that was relatively underutilized,” he said.

The new game lounge currently consists of two pool tables and several desks with popular board games printed on them, including chess and a Brown-themed version of Monopoly.  

The Young Arcade space — which once featured pinball and Dance Dance Revolution machines — has been re-purposed to house vending machines and photocopiers. A card value center machine will also be installed to allow students to add money to their Brown ID cards, Gresh said.

The old room’s small size and poor airflow meant that it could not accommodate larger groups of students, Gresh said. “The space that was eliminated was unattractive,” he said.

With the Faunce renovation, “the campus wanted more of the building to be available for their use,” he said.

“There aren’t really many games,” said Caroline Kelley ’13. “I don’t really think of it as a game room.”

Gresh also noted that there is another game room on campus at the Bear’s Lair. The room has pingpong tables, pool tables, Foosball and Virtua Cop, among other games.

Gresh added that if there were games that students were interested in, the University would be willing to look into purchasing them.