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Adrien Deschamps, undergraduate on leave, dies

Applied mathematics concentrator known for commitment to research, passion for outdoors

Friday, June 26, 2015

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Adrien Deschamps, an undergraduate student on leave from the University, has died. Dean of the College Maud Mandel notified the community of his death in a campus-wide email Friday morning.

Deschamps came to Brown from New Paltz, NY, where he graduated from New Paltz High School as an AP Scholar With Distinction and a Presidential Scholar Qualifier.

As a first-year at the University, Deschamps was awarded the AiChE Freshman Recognition Award, which is given to freshmen who have been the most active in their chapter of the professional engineering organization. He continued to pursue a passion for math and science as a sophomore by declaring a concentration in applied mathematics.

Deschamps completed graduate-level coursework in applied math with the goal of obtaining a combined Sc.B and master’s degree in four years, Mandel wrote. He also served as a teaching assistant for CSC I0170: “Computer Science: An Integrated Introduction.”

He worked closely with Benjamin Raphael, associate professor of computer science, to conduct research in the Physical Chemistry Lab and the Computational Biology Group at the University. His research focused on examining cancer mutation data using a system of differential equations that modeled heat dispersion.

He also worked under Professor of Chemistry Christoph Rose-Petruck in the Physical Chemistry Lab. There, he was responsible for researching industrial uses of clathrate hydrates — crystalline water-based solids — and engineering reaction chambers.

“Faculty and students who worked with him knew him as an intellectual force and an outstanding collaborator who encouraged friends and fellow students to pursue their intellectual passions and to live life to the fullest,” Mandel wrote.

Outside the classroom, Deschamps served as president of marketing for Sheep Textbooks, a textbook rental start-up. He also assumed the role of recruiter account executive for The Herald during his first year at the University.

An avid lover of the outdoors, Deschamps also enjoyed activities such as biking, hiking, rock climbing and running, Mandel wrote.

The Deschamps family will hold a funeral service Saturday at 1 p.m. at Copeland Funeral Home in New Paltz, NY as well as a memorial later this summer, Mandel wrote.

Community members can seek support through the Office of the Chaplain and Religious Life at 401-863-2344 and the Office of Counseling and Psychological Services at 401-863-3476.

Family, friends and colleagues could not be immediately reached for comment.

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