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ACCRIP recommends University divest from companies ‘facilitating human rights abuses in Palestine’

Following months of debate, non-binding UCS referendum in April, six out of nine committee members vote in favor of divestment motion

Senior Staff Writer
Monday, December 2, 2019

This is a developing story. Please check here for updates.

The Advisory Committee on Corporate Responsibility in Investment Practices voted to recommend that the University divest from “companies identified as facilitating human rights abuses in Palestine” Monday afternoon. 

Six of the nine committee members present at the meeting voted in favor of the motion, which also recommends that the University’s Investment Office communicates the University’s desire to divest to all of its investment managers. Two alumni members of the committee opposed the motion, while one abstained from the vote. 

The vote came at the end of ACCRIP’s final meeting of the semester, during which the members heard from several professors who presented arguments both in favor of and against the divestment proposal. The committee has held monthly meetings to listen to student groups’ arguments in favor and opposing divestment and deliberate on the proposal since students first voted on the issue in a non-binding referendum in April. 


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  1. Russell Ackerman says:

    How about divesting from countries that mistreat Jews and Christians? How about not permitting any students from these countries? How about divesting from Turkey, who has been persecuting the Kurds within their borders? How about the Shia who live in predominantly Sunni countries? How about China for their treatment of the Weegurhs? How about Pakistan for not protecting Muslims who convert to Christianity and are given death threats? How about Palestine who openly persecuted those in the LGBTQ community? And the list goes on…..

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