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Friday, November 13, 2020

This semester, the University opened the doors to on-campus residency to the majority of sophomores, juniors and seniors beginning on September 18. Dorms were all converted to single-occupancy rooms, each equipped with a minifridge and microwave. Access to kitchens and public spaces were restricted. However, many students were able to turn their new housing assignments into a home, pointing to the fact that having some contact with friends and campus, even at the most minimal level, makes all the difference.

Here are some of their thoughts about current on-campus housing:


Victoria Yin / Herald

Luc Espinosa ’23
“I think it’s better than I thought if you’re safe about it. And you can kind of balance enjoying your time in your room with also doing work and being comfortable with that then it can be quite an enjoyable experience.”


Victoria Yin / Herald

Nat Feikes ’23
“I like it. It’s good, I mean it’s not normal but it’s better than being at home by a long shot. I still get to have my independence, I can still get to see my friends, even if we don’t have public spaces available as much, the parts of campus life that are most important to me are still here.”


Victoria Yin / Herald

Olywn Kells ’23
“It’s pretty good, it’s a lot better than the alternative. I could not have done any of my school work from home. We’re able to talk and socialize with people and (that socialization has) made all the difference, even in very small amounts.”

Arda Ozsoy ’22
“It’s obviously been different in terms of how you interact with people but I think it’s been nice to around people you can call your pod and just being able to socialize with people. (As for the living situation) I think it’s really nice… it’s really spacious.”


Courtesy of Lex Tin


Courtesy of Lex Tin

Lex Tin ’22
“This apartment is actually quite far from campus so I don’t feel super connected to campus life (it’s a bit of a hassle to get up there even with the new shuttle routes) but I’m definitely grateful to be able to see some of my close friends again and lean into my communities here. It’s been nice to (have) a space to myself and also to have access to both the city of Providence and Brown’s campus when I need it. Overall I feel good about being here, although it can still feel a bit isolating at times.”


Nat Hardy / Herald

Will Gold ’22
“It’s definitely weirder than normal, a lot more quiet. It’s still Brown though, so it’s better than if I was at home”

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