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Editors’ note: What we’re thankful for

195 Angell.

Broken chairs and no concussions. Computers that always crash and then sometimes wake up. The old printer, for dying, and the new printer, for barely staying alive. Expo markers.

The coffee cups we forget to recycle and the chargers we abandon. Google Calendar for keeping our lives in order. Back massages, Adobe Creative Suite, Trello, white Jettas, OnCall before 2 a.m. and Brown Department of Public Safety for anytime after. Slack. Sarcasm. Happy hours that last (way) longer than an hour.

Diane Silvia, our office mom who keeps us afloat. Ravi Betzig ’20 and Phil Masiakowski ’20 for spending hours in the front office every day. TCI Press and especially Kim, for her emojis and patience. Pete for his truck and flexibility.

Our section editors, for setting the tone and pace of our news every day. Our opinion editors, who never stop talking and never fail to make us laugh. Senior Staff Writers, who can fill out a When2meet and whip out a breaking story with equal skill and speed. The Editorial Page Board for their long deliberations and thoroughness. Our columnists for engaging our readers in critical conversations.

post- magazine for making The Herald cooler every Thursday night. And for bringing 9-spot snack donations, Oxford commas, and personality to every piece.

Our Design Heads — Bilal Ismail, Dylan Tian ’21 and Keelin Lyons ’22 (and Taylor Swift?) — for understanding that loose lips sink ships. The old server, for getting us this far, and Jon Douglas '20, for getting us farther.

The food that has sustained us (not #sponsoredcontent, we swear): Heng Thai & Rotisserie, B.Good, Baja’s Taqueria (lower Baja’s), by CHLOE., Starbucks, the Metro Mart, La Creperie. Bubly, sparkling water of any kind, gum, coffee coffee coffee.

Daniel Nishimura, Ricky Devin and Kristina Van Schoorl.

Herald alums, including, but not limited to, Ben Leubsdorf ’08 and Sydney Ember-Bechek ’12 for answering our late-night phone calls; Chris Hatfield ’06 and his cat for keeping us calm; David Grossman ’89 and Michael Dubin ’16 for their attention to detail. Everyone who took time out of their busy schedules to come back to 195 Angell to train and talk to our reporters. The 128th and 127th Editorial Boards for their friendship and guidance.

James Egan for his unconditional support and for his office that’s always missing one chair.

Our copy editors, graphic designers, illustrators, photographers and the brand-new Immersive team. Their talent, warmth and focus make our paper the best it can be every day.

Our family members and friends who love us despite the unanswered texts and canceled plans. The 130th Editorial Board for all they have done and for all they will accomplish. Nick Fabrizio ’21.5 and Mariel Jackson ’21 for the same. 

We are grateful for each other.

And lastly, for our readers, who make our journalism better. Thanks for reading.

Editor’s Notes are written by The Herald’s 129th Editorial Board: Emily Davies ’19.5, Priyanka Podugu ’20, Anna Kramer ’20, Anita Sheih ’20 and Sarah Wang ’20.



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