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the streets are alive [lifestyle]

What sound do your shoes make when they hit the pavement?

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lawn people [lifestyle]

Tending to the lawn is a source of pride for some and a burden for others. My younger brother, for one, holds the former sentiment. As the eldest daughter of my family, I managed to escape the duties of mowing the lawn; that honor was bestowed on the son. Classic. When my brother first took on the responsibility, ...

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never meet your heroes [lifestyle]

The warm, sunny days of spring are almost upon us. Sure, returning to the great outdoors will be nice, but there’s something else about spring that is the real source of our excitement. Springtime heralds the emergence of all the people who have, until now, been hermiting away to weather out the winter, ...

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how to make a dorm a home! [lifestyle]

Move-in day is perhaps the most hectic day of college. It can be an exciting and nerve-wracking time, especially if it’s your first one. Granted, we’re a fair bit away from the next move-in day, but as someone who has already started planning my future room’s color scheme and decorations, I’m ...


the fluidity of becoming myself [lifestyle]

Now that I'm in college, where it feels as if I meet new people in waves throughout the day, I worry I'm not choosing who I can be, but instead matching the personalities of others. It can be exciting to navigate the journey of being your most authentic and genuine self, but occasionally I stray into ...


rhode island: cooler and warmer [lifestyle]

If Punxsutawney Phil was right, as he always is, spring is well under way. That should mean that this return from Spring Break marks a period of rejuvenation. I left the bulk of my coats at home and switched them for garments that liberated my knees. Soon, the Main Green will be my go-to spot to sip ...


why i love everett-poland [lifestyle]

When I first saw my housing assignment in August, I had no idea what I was in for: I only knew I'd live in Everett-Poland. But what is it? One dorm? Two? And what is Keeney? I vaguely remembered Keeney from ADOCH (my tour group got lost in its halls), but…Everett-Poland? 


suits [lifestyle]

I’ve been wanting to write an article about suits for nearly my entire time here at post-. Seeing as this will be my last article before my grand venture into the adult world (Vogue, hire me), I figured now would be a good time to cover it. Suits. Not the TV show, the real deal. For many of you, I ...


notes on the possibility of home [lifestyle]

My head fits into the groove between my mother’s shoulder and neck as though I was born out of her collarbone, and I often wonder how where I come from decides where I go. I am shaped so strongly by the spaces to which I belong—places are sculptors, and I am their stone to chisel— and yet, I struggle ...


lessons from number theory [lifestyle]

The “fun fourth class” is a coveted space in the Brown undergrad’s schedule. As high schoolers, we were forced to churn out a couple hundred words on the importance of the Open Curriculum. Whether or not you’re living out college as your high school self said you would, you’ve likely taken ...

restful rhythms kaitlyn stanton.png

restful rhythms [lifestyle]

Work culture consumes us. Our Google Calendars are piled with one event after another. Our days pass in a flash. Amidst this relentless pursuit of productivity, resting is often conflated with laziness. A few weeks ago, on a long drive back to Providence, my friends and I listened to a podcast by The ...

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note to self [lifestyle]

The trope of memory loss in media, though overused, has always fascinated and frightened me. The idea of losing your memories—the very things that make  you the person you are—and becoming completely unaware of your identity in an instant sounds terrifying.

how to meet new people.png

how to meet new people [lifestyle]

Did you transfer here midyear and feel so utterly alone? Do you hang out with people that you enjoy, but at the same time feel that nobody truly knows you? There’s a difference between meeting and knowing people. Every day, you introduce yourself and go through the list: name, year, pronouns, and ...

Tweed and Me Kaitlyn Stanton .png

tweed and me [lifestyle]

If one had to summarize all of menswear—its ups and downs, bell bottoms, shin huggers, and oxford bags—into an essential fabric, it would have to be tweed. Hailing from the frosty and unforgiving weather of Northern Europe, tweed has become and remains the most versatile, nostalgic fabric one can ...

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