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holiday gift guide [lifestyle]

As you get older, you realize that giving gifts is much more satisfying than receiving them. Seeing your family's faces light up at the perfect gift is the best part of the holidays. However, it can be difficult to decide what to make or buy while considering their taste, what they already have, and ...


notes on coats [lifestyle]

I imagine many of you have been hunkered down in your dorms throughout the neverending slew of midterms, surviving solely off of acerbic Ratty coffee and 1 a.m. Jo’s runs. But, if you’ve had the time to peek your head out of your window and onto your respective quadrangle, I’m sure you’ve ...


additionally [crossword]

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which independent providence bookstore are you? [lifestyle]

When it comes to shops around Providence, most of us know about restaurants, cafés, and thrift stores. But how many local bookstores have you been to? (The Brown Bookstore doesn’t count.) Here in PVD, there is an amazing selection of independent bookstores with unique themes and beautiful decor. ...

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reinventing [lifestyle]

If given the chance to reinvent yourself, would you do it? The opportunity for self-reinvention is one of the many perks that come with starting college. What always followed “Why Brown?”, which I was asked numerous times when I committed, was: “You’re sooo lucky. You’re definitely going to ...

Top 5 ways

top five ways to live [lifestyle]

What does it mean to truly live? Each one of the eight billion lives in this world are distinct, making it hard to consider any experience universal. But I know I can pinpoint moments in my life when I thought “this is why I’m alive.”

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solo traveling advice for the wandering soul [lifestyle]

Traveling alone is so over-romanticized. Instagram travel bloggers tell stories about the charming men they meet in Italy, the wondrous views from the mountains of Peru, and the endless adventures to be found in the streets of New York—not about the pickpocket in the Milan metro who stole your phone, ...


slouch couch [lifestyle]

As we once again approach the great ouroboros of pant width and shoulder padding—the kids are trending wide—I am beginning to notice an aesthetic rumbling up  from the edge of retrospective fashion: Everyone is dressing like it's the ’90s. Call it fashion, call it Instagram mood board accounts ...

running providence

a beginner’s guide to running in providence [lifestyle]

As a first-year from across the country, I had no idea where to begin running. I knew I couldn’t run through campus—people looking at me? Being perceived? Absolutely not. But I had just gotten here and knew nothing about the city of Providence, aside from the fact that there once was a mayor who ...


which dining hall i think you eat at based on your red flags [lifestyle]

My first two years at Brown have been characterized by late-night Jo’s runs and painfully long lines for a Saturday-morning Andrews burrito bowl. As much as I cherished those days, I don’t really miss stomachaches from suspicious macaroni and cheese or flavorless chicken (no shade though—I love ...

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molé [crossword]

the shape of love.jpg

the shape of love [lifestyle]

To love is a beautiful ability. To hold another person’s life as more precious than your own, to stir at night remembering the warmth of their touch: there’s little in life we value more.

Sartorial Season.png

sartorial season: that french countryside look [lifestyle]

There is no showcase for one’s carefully crafted aesthetic quite like the fall season. Fall is when the nice little leaves fall off the nice little trees and we all get to wear our nice little outfits before giving in to the sludge of winter. With that in mind, I’m dedicating these next few articles ...

october calendar

october calendar [lifestyle]

Sunday, October 1: visit a pumpkin patch

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