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spring edition

Before moving to New England, I thought seasonal depression was just a saying. The raging wind and episodic chills seem to have wiped the idea of warmth from my head (Have I ever been warm before?). It was not until two weeks ago when I was greeted by a blossoming sakura tree that I recalled the existence of “good weather” and the joy it brings me. I was all at once overwhelmed by the arrival of the overdue spring. This mindset might explain the clustered crowds on the Main Green each time the temperature is tangentially balmy: Maybe we do celebrate the arrival of spring like a festival. So, here is a non-exhaustive starter pack for you to join in on the spring fiesta before it slips away! 

The spring fit!

The winter cold completely destroyed my spirit for dressing meticulously and left me in sweatpants and hoodies, but it’s finally time to change up the game. Get your hands on a lighter palette to match the blue sky and fresh greens! White and cream are always a classic way to place yourself in harmony with the blossoming campus (and it never fails in pictures), while bold patterns or highly saturated colors are loud statements that characterize your own acknowledgment of spring’s arrival. Your options also open up as it gets warmer: dresses, denim jackets, skirts, shorts, shirts, sunglasses—the list goes on. Still feel a lack of inspiration? Just go out to the Main Green on a sunny day: There will be a spectacular fashion show put up by your fellow fabulous classmates. 

I spring, you spring, we all spring for ice cream 


Spring is not complete without digging into that first scoop of ice cream on a waffle cone under the blazing sun. Aside from the classic Ben & Jerry’s on Thayer and popsicles from CVS, here are some of my recent discoveries that are definitely worth a visit.

  1. The smoothie machine in the Metro Mart sells smoothies of flavors ranging from acai to Snickers. You can choose the consistency of the smoothie as you place the cup onto a holder to be lifted up. The machine will then, like any other interactive machine for display, make loud blending noise that raises your anticipation for an icy cup of joy. 

  2. Kow Kow and Like No Udder are two amazing ice cream places on Ives Street. The first place lavishly combines hot egg waffles with spoonfuls of ice cream and dazzling toppings, while the latter serves creative flavors of vegan ice cream such as unicorn poop, key lime pie, and Thai tea. Make sure to savor the ice cream before it melts in the agitated spring air!

Extensions exist for a reason

The quintessential part of being a college student is learning how to use your time wisely. When it’s the fifth time in a day you hear someone say “I don’t want to do school anymore” or “I am so ready for summer,” you know you’re not the only one who’s mentally and physically drained as the semester reaches an end. Instead of scrolling through your phone anxiously with a blank Word document or untouched problem set open in front of you, you might as well take a walk on campus or have a nice cooking session with your friends to recharge your battery before the final push. Asking for an extension might give you just the right amount of rest that better prepares you for the upcoming shenanigans. 

A waterproof and good-looking picnic blanket 

This is, I would say, the golden ticket to a nice spring day at Brown. The unfolding of a nice picnic blanket is a necessary routine that establishes your temporary domain on the Green and an open invitation to your dear friends. It is also a place where all the mundane everyday work can happen, elevated as you listen to the music from a speaker playing from a blanket 30 feet away from you. Transform your dining hall food into a picnic, bring your readings out, pet the random fluffy dogs that walk by you, or simply watch the breeze comb through the fresh buds dotting the branches—what could be a more on-theme way to celebrate a spring day here at Brown?

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