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sugar and spice and everything lights

The end of daylight savings is here. Nights come earlier and days will soon be overcast. That is to say, light will be a scarce resource. We’re all poorly adapted to see in the dark and prone to vitamin D deficiencies. So it’s the time to get creative and embrace sun alternatives—it’s lamp season.

The case against overhead lighting is simple: it’s too bright. During the day, I don’t need to replicate the sun when I can simply open the blinds. Still, on a cloudy, snowy winter’s day, plunging my room into mild grayish light doesn’t inspire high spirits. The easiest fix to drastically improve the room’s mood is to switch on a bedside or desk lamp (imagine: the beautiful duality of color—the warm glow from the lamp contrasting with the cool tones reflecting off the snow).

At night, lamps are even more vital. Have you ever gotten a headache from sitting up at night, working on a computer screen with the overheads shining down on you? Been saddened by the fact that your room looks like a hospital or high school gym? Felt like you were standing in the middle of a football stadium with all the lights on? Blame overhead lighting.

Of course, the difference between lamps and overhead light is specifically the color and intensity of the lighting. Naturally, a lamp decreases the intensity of light, which you can change at will by adding or subtracting the number of lamps. But a lamp also does nothing for the mood (aka vibez~) if the bulb is still a bright, glaring white. Warmer lighting creates a softer, cozier, more inviting space. Choose a bulb anywhere from 3000 to 1500 Kelvins depending on your personal preference for how warm you want the lighting to be. The lower in Kelvins, the warmer the light (the more reminiscent of firelight).


If lamps aren’t your thing, window decals are a fantastic option—they throw the room into various assorted colors, and can come in abstract stained glass patterns. Many of them are not as ugly and home-decor-esque as they might sound. There’s also the even sparklier option: sun catchers. These are great because they’re the exact sort of thing you can find being sold on Etsy by a 50 year old lady who enjoys birding and wears a lot of beads. Maybe you’re the sort of person who wants your living space to look like it was decorated by her (me), but if not, at the very least, she’ll make the buying experience more enjoyable.

The final and most important part involves choosing the lamp(s). You can make it a project—pick lamps to fit the look and feel of the space. Lamps are not just functional, they’re a key piece of decor. Treat your lighting with the respect it deserves.

Here is the link to my lamp and stained glass/window décor Pinterest moodboard to get inspired! 

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