Reverend Janet Cooper Nelson, University chaplain, will lead the initiatives to develop discussion groups for black students and Muslim women on campus.

University awarded grant to address racial inequity, advance justice

By August 17, 2017

The University, alongside nine other American institutions, was selected to receive a $30,000 grant to address racial justice and equality.

Pokanoket Nation forms encampment on University land in Bristol

By August 21, 2017

Updated on August 21 at 10:40 p.m. People of the Pokanoket Nation and allies joined together in Bristol Sunday afternoon to establish an encampment at Potumtuk, or Mount Hope, in a call for repatriation of the land from the University. The “long term encampment” follows legal action taken by the […]

Belyakova ’19 dies unexpectedly

By August 16, 2017

Kristina Belyakova ’19 has died unexpectedly wrote Dean of the College Maud Mandel and Vice President for Campus Life and Student Services Eric Estes.

University offers pay raise for Summer@Brown staff, addresses allegations of racism

By July 25, 2017

Following weeks of protest and negotiations, the University is taking steps to address Summer@Brown student employee concerns

Taugner ’17, Henry ’17 selected in MLB draft

By June 19, 2017

Right-handed pitcher Christian Taugner ’17 and outfielder Rob Henry ’17 were drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers Wednesday.