Arts audiences mostly white, non-first gen

By , and December 7, 2017

With students’ eyes focused on the performers on stage, the audience is sometimes forgotten.

University reaches $30 million fundraising goal for Brown Promise

By December 7, 2017

The University has reached its $30 million fundraising goal to carry out “The Brown Promise: The Future of Financial Aid at Brown”.

Poll finds 67 percent of students agree professors foster diverse discussions

By and December 7, 2017

67 percent of Brown undergraduates strongly or somewhat agree that professors successfully facilitate discussions that respect opposing points of view.

Friends come from similar racial, socioeconomic demographics, poll finds

By December 7, 2017

For some students, going out to eat can make or break a friendship.

Interfaith dinner brings religious dialogue to campus

By December 7, 2017

Though The Herald’s poll found 69 percent of students never participate in religious activities, religious life remains active for the 31 percent who do.