Rui Maria de Araújo, prime minister of the sixth constitutional government of Timor-Leste, speaks in the Joukowsky Forum during a discussion examining the birth and development of the tiny island nation.

Timor-Leste founders talk nation-building

By September 28, 2016

The leaders of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste arrived in Providence to reflect on the transition from a political movement to a sovereign nation.

Gozo Yoshimasu performs personal, unique poetry

Japanese poet Gozo Yoshimasu showcased his unconventional works through an improvisational performance. His collection of poetry, “Alice Iris Red Horse,” was edited by Forrest Gander, professor of literary arts.

By September 28, 2016

Renowned Japanese poet Gozo Yoshimasu visited Brown Sept. 22 to perform a reading as part of the Writers on Writing Reading Series.

BUCC addresses diversity, inclusion efforts

By September 28, 2016

The Brown University Community Council met Tuesday for the first time this semester to discuss new projects and receive updates on major University affairs.

Baltimore native captures city’s protests in photos

By September 28, 2016

The Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in America opened an exhibition Sept. 8 called “Rising/Uprising in Baltimore: A Beautiful Ghetto.”

Brown becomes first in country to offer four-year joint MD-MPA program

By September 28, 2016

The University will launch a dual-degree program in which students earn a doctorate of medicine and a master’s of public affairs in four years in 2017.


Sounding Off: Student music reverberates across campus

For students who plan to pursue music — whether professionally or recreationally — keeping their lives as college students and performers in harmony can be difficult.


Abroad But Not Alone: United World College at Brown

For every five international students at Brown, one most likely attended a high school part of the United World College program.


A Neighborhood Unmoored: Harboring Cape Verde in Providence

As new cultures and experiences mold the Cape Verdean diaspora, the local definition of a Cape Verdean grows thinner, calling into question whether anything distinctive will be left for future generations.