CS concentrators face unique challenges on campus

By April 19, 2019

While Kendrick Tan ’21, a former Herald reporter, was taking computer science classes, it consumed his life. If he was not working on an assignment for a class, he was thinking about one, and the projects and labs never seemed to end, keeping him under constant stress.

University groups react to release of Mueller report

By and April 19, 2019

Once Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s long-awaited report was released with redactions to the public Thursday, everyone from Capitol Hill to College Hill began sifting through the 448-page document, ready to respond to its revelations.

Quarter of undergrads sleep 6 hours or less

By April 19, 2019

Sleep rejuvenates the body and the mind, and drooping eyelids, nodding heads and the temptation to succumb to a nap in lecture point to the potential risks caused by lack of sleep among some at the University.

Costa ’22 wins national bars title

By April 19, 2019

Mei Li Costa ’22 took home the national bars title at the 2019 USA Gymnastics Women’s Collegiate National Championships Sunday, earning a winning score of 9.8500 in the finals after tying Brown’s all-time bars record with a score of 9.900 in preliminaries.

University to host rural high schoolers for summer workshop on application process

By April 19, 2019

This summer, the University is launching a new initiative to help prospective students from rural communities across the country learn about the college admission process and Brown, said Dean of Admission Logan Powell.