University offered coaching position to alum indicted in admissions scandal

By and March 20, 2019

Gordon Ernst ’89, a Division I tennis coach recently indicted in the national college admissions scandal, was offered the head coaching position for Brown’s men’s tennis team in 2016 while federal authorities allege he was accepting millions of dollars in bribes as a coach at Georgetown University.

Brown Concert Agency announces 2019 Spring Weekend lineup

By March 20, 2019

Brown Concert Agency’s annual release party buzzed with energy as students anxiously awaited the names of the artists slated to perform in Spring Weekend 2019. Released at midnight March 20, this year’s lineup will feature seven contemporary artists known for subverting the conventions of their respective genres.

Men’s basketball star to transfer

By March 20, 2019

Desmond Cambridge ’21 announced Tuesday he will transfer to another school after starring on the men’s basketball team for the past two years.

98 percent of medical students match with residency programs

By March 20, 2019

Amid a flurry of red, white and brown balloons, fourth-year Alpert Medical School students tore open bright red envelopes on Friday to discover which residency programs they would be attending.

Ratty begins offering plant-based milks

By March 20, 2019

Wednesday afternoon, the Sharpe Refectory will begin offering a line of locally produced plant-based milks.