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Sexual assault task force releases initial report

The Task Force on Sexual Assault released an interim report with recommendations for improving the University’s sexual assault and prevention policies.

Chernow ’79 selected as next finance VP

Barbara Chernow ’79 will succeed Beppie Huidekoper as the next executive vice president for finance and administration effective March 1.

20 percent of early decision applicants offered admission

The University accepted 20 percent of early decision applicants to the class of 2019, admitting 617 students.

Federal, state officials break ground on Dynamo project

Federal, state and municipal officials gathered with private sector leaders in a ceremony to kick off renovations to the South Street Power Station Monday.

Editors’ note: Good night, and good luck

Thanks for being engaged, active readers over the past year. As we retire and join the ranks of Herald consumers, we can’t wait to see where the paper goes.

Baumer: Response to Huidekoper from a library union member

It wasn’t until I began working here that I fully understood Brown for the business it is.

Peterson: Further clarification of library negotiation issues

We would like to work with the University toward an agreement that serves changing user needs as well as the welfare of our members.

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Serving Silently: Military culture on a civilian campus

Compared to other Ivy League schools, Brown lags behind in offering opportunities for students to engage with the military on campus.


A Neighborhood Unmoored: Harboring Cape Verde in Providence

As new cultures and experiences mold the Cape Verdean diaspora, the local definition of a Cape Verdean grows thinner, calling into question whether anything distinctive will be left for future generations.


Adrift in the Ocean State

For Rhode Island’s homeless population, service providers offer some answers — and some obstacles.


Chernow ’79 selected as next finance VP

Chernow ’79 selected as next finance VP

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