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This Week in Higher Ed: Oct. 22, 2014

Current and former Harvard law school professors wrote a letter published in the Boston Globe lambasting the university’s new sexual harassment policy.

State infrastructure falls flat

Rhode Island placed 47th in the country in the overall condition of its highway systems in 2012.

Research spotlight: Fields ’17: Philosophy through theater

Noah Fields ’17 is out to test a hypothesis: “I think that children can learn philosophy,” he said.

Community health center expansion brings savings, challenges

The Alpert Medical School hosted a lecture Monday on Rhode Island’s community health centers.

Editorial: Transforming dialogues into action

What Brown personally means to each one of us ­— how we each conceptualize Brown — guides how we believe the University as an institution should act.

Ingber ’15: The oldest hatred in new and old forms

The more nefarious instances of anti-Semitism manifest in language, not images.

Hillestad ’15: 257 Thayer — elitist enclave

257 Thayer will perpetuate the myth that Brown is just another Ivy: a bastion for inequality and privilege.


Adrift in the Ocean State

For Rhode Island’s homeless population, service providers offer some answers — and some obstacles.


‘Violet’ finds meaning in the skin-deep

“Violet,” directed by Skylar Fox ’15, deals with problems of appearance, and avoiding the cliche, it does not discredit the power of the superficial.

‘Iolanthe’ is the seventh of Gilbert and Sullivan’s 14 comedic operas produced between 1871 and 1896.

Gilbert and Sullivan hits high note with ‘Iolanthe’

The comic opera focuses on forbidden love between a fairy and the half-mortal Strephon.


Squirrel entry into power station causes city blackout

Squirrel entry into power station causes city blackout

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