The world at our fingertips: A decade of smartphones on campus

By , , , and December 6, 2019

To get a ride downtown, you call the taxi dispatcher. To find a date, you sit at a bar. To share the details of your weekend, you call a friend. In 2007, this was life on a college campus.

Movement for fossil fuel divestment quiet on campus

By December 6, 2019

In stark contrast to the calls for fossil fuel divestment that are dominating college campuses nationwide, there is little unrest on Brown’s campus over the University’s holdings in fossil fuel companies.

The changing faces of Thayer Street: Local shops struggle to stay afloat

By December 6, 2019

Lois Hollingsworth owned Zuzu’s Petals, a dress boutique on Thayer Street, for 24 years. But in 2015, she chose to shutter her store because of what she described as a drastic change in Thayer’s character.

Brown Immigrant Rights Coalition: A decade in review

By and December 6, 2019

Founded in 2009, the Brown Immigrant Rights Coalition has spent the last decade leading student efforts to advocate for progress on issues such as the passage of the DREAM Act and the University’s accessibility for undocumented students.

Ten years in, first tenured woman in APMA department reshapes mentorship

By December 6, 2019

When Professor of Applied Mathematics Kavita Ramanan PhD’98 was hired by her department in 2010, she became the department’s first and only tenured female faculty member. Today, almost 10 years later, there are two.