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U. announces new vice provost for the arts

Michael Steinberg will become the University’s first vice provost for the arts starting Jan. 1, Provost Vicki Colvin announced Friday.

Food, language collide as students explore cultures

As the leaves fall and the winds become harsher, there is a special urgency for the warmth and comfort of food.

U. financial aid squeezes middle-class families

When Amanda Ruggieri ’16 graduates from Brown, she estimates that she will owe between $40,000 and $50,000 in debt.

Judge unseals PC sexual assault case records

Police documents that were part of an investigation of two Brown undergraduates who allegedly sexually assaulted a PC student were released Tuesday.

Diamonds and Coal: Nov. 21, 2014

Coal to the sophomore who asked, “As a busy college student, when do you actually have the time to touch yourself?”

Sweren ’15: The reverse art heist

I am not against art. I’m not even against spending on big-name art. But I am against the supposed need for public art on every aspect of Brown’s campus.

Shin ’17: Women, their rights and nothing less

Gender discrimination and sexual assault are more active and violent forms of rights infringement than just stereotypes.

Fondriest_Veteran_Dave Deckey

Serving Silently: Military culture on a civilian campus

Compared to other Ivy League schools, Brown lags behind in offering opportunities for students to engage with the military on campus.


A Neighborhood Unmoored: Harboring Cape Verde in Providence

As new cultures and experiences mold the Cape Verdean diaspora, the local definition of a Cape Verdean grows thinner, calling into question whether anything distinctive will be left for future generations.


Adrift in the Ocean State

For Rhode Island’s homeless population, service providers offer some answers — and some obstacles.


Maggie Tennis ’14.5 and Todd Harris ’14.5 were chosen as this year’s mid-year completion speakers after delivering speeches before a committee.

Mid-year completion speakers selected

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