Senior Orators: Ruth Miller '19, Patricia Rodarte '19 MD'23

By May 24, 2019

When Ruth Miller ’19 and Patricia Rodarte ’19 MD’23 were first nominated to submit speeches for this year’s Commencement, neither thought they would be the ones to address parents, faculty, administration and their entire graduating class.

Honorary degree recipients 2019

By May 24, 2019

Seven individuals will receive an honorary degree from the University at the 251st Commencement May 26. John Krasinski ’01 will serve as the Baccalaureate speaker May 25.

Before we were bears: A 115-year history of Brown’s mascot

By May 24, 2019

At the entrance to Ittleson Quad, just past Pembroke Field and before you step into the Erickson Athletic Complex, stands a 10-foot tall bronze Kodiak bear.

Open Curriculum at 50

By and May 24, 2019

Amid the sunny celebration of the 50th anniversary of the open curriculum that took place earlier this month, it can be hard to remember how much controversy the original proposals for curricular reform brought to campus.

Brain science blooms at Brown

By May 24, 2019

David Berson ’75, chair of neuroscience, studies how information travels from the eye to the brain. One of his recent projects examines the spidery forms of cells in the retina at the back of the eye, reconstructing their shapes and interconnections at a very fine scale.