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pandemic partners [feature]

This Q&A piece explores the narratives of two real, distinct relationships as they crest and trough before, after, and during the global pandemic. The development of these relationships coincided with the emergence and spread of Covid-19, which left partners with no choice but to turn to each other, ...

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finding my voice [a&c]

I think I melted this summer. I think I first knew some day in mid-June. I woke up particularly sweaty in the third-floor apartment in Fox Point that I was subletting for the early summer, the plants on my desk drooping under the weight of the heat. Only one of my plants could withstand the summer fever, ...


wistful whispers [a&c]

I’m on the commuter rail back from Boston when the clock strikes midnight on November 19. A hush falls over the conversation I’m having with my friends. “The album is out. I can’t listen to it,” one of them says. But I’m ready. I’m told that’s because I’m much more even-keeled than ...

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in the places we call home [narrative]

Even as the first flakes of snow settle atop the dim street lamps, and even as the winter moon swallows the sun, I feel like I am falling into something warm. I have been since late August—falling, that is. Falling deeper and deeper into something like gentle love.

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christmas cable classics [lifestyle]

Here we are in the final stretch of the semester! One of the reasons why I’m partial to the fall semester is that we end with the anticipation of the holiday season. It’s time to queue “All I Want for Christmas is You,” the Mariah version of course, and make the trek through Providence’s icy ...

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the best hills of college hill [lifestyle]

With finals approaching, stress is unavoidable. Perhaps one of the best ways to tackle incoming academic stress is through walking—and specifically, walking uphill! In this article, I’ll be ranking and discussing the best hills to walk up around College Hill to relieve your finals-induced stress. ...

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many roots [lifestyle]

Everyone has roots. Regardless of whether we embrace them—or even know about them—we come from people whose experiences, choices, and values shape our own. Here are some stories from members of the Brown Genealogy Club about their search for their own roots and the people who planted them.

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press start to play [a&c]

In one of Pitchfork’s Best New Track reviews, contributor Sue Park renders fittingly lyrical prose to describe Mitski’s newest single and music video, “The Only Heartbreaker”: “Ever the harbinger of love’s decay, Mitski chokes through a self-created inferno.” Park, along with many listeners, ...

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drinking buddies [narrative]

Watermelon flavored Hint water (the sparkling version, of course). If Elton John were a beverage, that’s the one he’d be. We can all agree on that, right? Or that Barack Obama would be blueberry soda in a glass bottle? You understand that, too, don’t you? At the very least, please tell me you ...

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notes on wes anderson [a&c]

In homage to the vignette-laden construction of a film I do not feel particularly inspired to pay homage to, what follows is a hodgepodge collection of reflections on watching Wes Anderson’s mass market art house movies, and why his latest stands unfortunately apart from the rest.

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