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Family appeals to missing student

The search for missing undergrad Sunil Tripathi continues nearly a month after his disappearance

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Family members and friends have begun directing appeals toward Sunil Tripathi in hopes of encouraging him to return home, mother Judy Tripathi said Monday.

Since the former member of the class of 2012 disappeared three and a half weeks ago, family members, friends and law enforcement officers have been conducting foot searches in Providence and raising awareness of Tripathi’s disappearance all over New England.

“One of the things we’ve been thinking about for some time was to talk to him directly,” Judy Tripathi said, adding that she hopes he will “see us all together three weeks later, still hopeful, still optimistic.”

The family released a video on YouTube Monday encouraging Tripathi to contact them and let them know he is safe.

“Sunil, the only thing missing is you,” read the description on the video, which depicts immediate and extended family members and friends coordinating search efforts and speaking to the camera.

Family members have also posted photos and asked Tripathi to reach out to them through a Facebook page dedicated to the search. The family has corresponded with national missing persons organizations like the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System and LostNMissing, which also encouraged addressing Tripathi directly, Judy Tripathi said.

“As police and FBI agents probe surveillance videos, the family and friends of missing Brown University student Sunil Tripathi remain positive about his return,” according to a statement from the family released Monday.

Law enforcement officers are continuing to follow the case, Judy Tripathi said.

“We are all bolstered by the fact this case is still very much alive,” she added.

Since surveillance footage possibly depicting Tripathi was revealed March 29, family members have continued securing surveillance tapes from Providence businesses.

Though no new footage of Tripathi has surfaced, the tapes are “eliminating the streets we’ve looked at” as possible routes he might have taken, Judy Tripathi said.

University officials  — including University Chaplain Janet Cooper Nelson, a first-year adviser of sister Sangeeta Tripathi ’04 and family friend — have continued to assist the family and are “constantly in touch,” Judy Tripathi said.

Administrators have offered resources to the family, including bedding and clothing.

“(President Christina Paxson) had us for dinner one night at her house,” she added. “She’s been absolutely supportive and in communication with us.”

The University has also provided temporary housing in Gardner House for the family to use as a base for their search effort, she said.

The Office of the President, the Office of Campus Life and Student Services, the Office of the Chaplains and Religious Life and the Department of Public Safety have all been involved in assisting the family, wrote Vice President for Public Affairs and University Relations Marisa Quinn in an email to The Herald.

“In terms of additional campus involvement and communications, we will continue to follow the guidance of law enforcement on ways that we can help advance search efforts,” Quinn wrote.

Family members plan to relocate from Gardner House to an apartment near campus to continue the search, Judy Tripathi said. The family will sublet the apartment one month at a time, she said.

“The minute Sunil is found, we will have a reason to pack up and go home,” Judy Tripathi said. “Until then, we will have some presence here.”

  • Meena

    Pray that he is found soon and returns home. Safely

  • Anon

    You people are disgusting. Leave his family alone. If you think you know something, send it along to the FBI. If you use Reddit as a credible news source, I doubt your judgment and ability to reason. The internet’s mob mentality is unwelcome in this community. Until you have evidence greater than a few grainy pictures, you need to leave his family alone.

    • mick

      ……. WHOOPS.

      • 2014

        Aaaand now the tables have turned. “……. WHOOPS” to you. 🙂

    • flickerKuu

      What’s funny is reddit is more accurate and up to date than CNN, where do YOU get your news from?

      • I report the news..

      • LifeLongRepublican4Obama

        What’s funny is that you’re a dumbass.

      • Anon

        I would call CNN, Fox News, and NY Post all questionable news sources as well. I like to wait for the dust to settle and due process to begin before I publicly condemn a man and his family to a life of stigma.

    • Madfoot713

      Police scanners said he’s a suspect. Condolences to the family. 🙁

    • You’re wrong

  • Andrew D

    According to surveillance video, looks like he made a stop in Boston!

  • OhWell

    Boston police scanner says it’s him. Suspect #2.

  • Wow

    COnfirmed bombing suspect, they are now on a manhunt to find him.

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      • YO BANANA

        Police Watertown Radio Scanner.

        Sunil Tripathi and Mike Mulugeta

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  • Sondard1

    He has been found.

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  • Star

    Oh, hey. He is in the Watertown area of Boston.

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  • Boston Strong

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    • moniker

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      • anon

        His religion is immaterial , He’s an American citizen of mixed descent (Indian from his father’s side)

        • Name

          Is there oil in Hindu?

          • me

            Hinduism is a religion, not a country, moron!

        • moniker

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    • It was not Sunny. I think you should apologize to the Tripathi family. Sorry… accept the truth 😉

    • 潮 青

      What a fool you must feel, Robyn. Now be a good girl, don’t do it again.

  • PJ

    What a wonderful family…my condolences for these difficult circumstances.

  • Beastiality

    this guy is the bomber

  • HES NOT THE TERRORIST! Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Is The name of The WhiteCap terrorist!

    • The media is accusing anyone who has an ethnic name and has Islam roots. Who knows if these brothers are the “real” bombers, or just some young guys who were at the marathon. I no longer have value for the US media, because they have bias motives.

  • I see not one of these jerks came back and apologized for being wrong and cruel. This is why you have to follow DUE PROCESS, you idiots!

  • AP

    His family is owed a public apology. Not to mention heavy restitution. As are the individuals speaking in Arabic whom were accused of being terrorists, and prompted that plane from Logan to return to its gate. Maybe some good can come of this in the form of breaking our racial profiling habit. Probably not though.

    • It is sad that people make accusations without having any credible evidence. Poor kid & his family are already going through some hard times. Then the police department & media have to name this individual as a terrorist without any just cause. Keep your heads up Tripathi family. If anything… this negative situation will bring your son & brother home sooner than later. I will pray for Sunny & the Tripathi family.

  • Moniker