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Letter: Printed publications empower students

Friday, April 21, 2017

To the Editor:

I’m greatly disturbed that the Undergraduate Finance Board has chosen not to provide funding to cover printing expenses for student groups that release paper publications. Such an announcement reveals an ignorance in UFB about the power of paper and the importance of creating a diverse array of media on campus.

Printed press is essential to a vibrant university experience. This week high school students visiting campus through the ADOCH program had the opportunity to look at the media our community produces and physically take it back home when they departed. The very existence of these texts is exciting, artistic and radical. They allow students to experiment in the genres of fiction, non-fiction and journalism as well as give them valuable experience for summer internships and, later on, employment. Perhaps most importantly, they provide an opportunity to exchange ideas with the wider Providence community. Paper, unlike website links, are significantly easier to share in places such as coffee shops and pizza places around the East Side.

Joey DiZoglio Jr. ’15 MD’20