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Letter: WBRU staff contributions to 101.1 LPFM

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

To the Editor:

As Chief Executive Officer of WBRU, I would like to add a few thoughts to your Jan. 31, 2018 article “Providence organizations create new station.”

In our recent transition to fully digital programming at WBRU, the staff of our 360 Degree Experience in Sound program wanted to ensure access to the community they have built in Providence, some of whom are incarcerated, without access to the internet. The dedication of our staff, engineers and 360 DJs who have built and programmed the new low-power FM signal, 101.1 LPFM — alongside Brown Student and Community Radio, AS220 and Providence Community Radio — has ensured that those listeners can again find the Sunday program they’ve enjoyed for decades on the air.

At the same time, WBRU is diving forward beyond radio — creating three different podcasts, running live sessions featuring local musicians, building a mobile app, covering Rhode Island news, programming two different online streams and more — in order to uncover untold stories and connect more deeply and directly with our community. We welcome students across all concentrations and interests to join us. Stay tuned.

Lindsay Sack ’19