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Diamonds and Coal

Diamonds and Coal, Oct. 29

Friday, October 29, 2010

Coal to the dean who encouraged students not to take ResLife’s commitment to give every student access to a kitchen “literally.” Following his lead, The Brown Daily Herald will now be published only five days a week.


On the flip side, a diamond to the same dean for suggesting that those of us without adequate housing can just “stay with me.” We hope you’re prepared for every resident of New Pembroke and Grad Center to drop by for a slumber party.


Coal to the Rhode Island State Police officer who said of state efforts to enforce alcohol laws, “we’re here and we’re coming to a bar near you.” You stole our line!


Coal to the Brown researchers who found a “permanent shadow” covering part of the moon’s surface. It’s not polite to talk about the place where the sun don’t shine. Like Grad Center, for example.


Speaking of Grad Center, coal to President Ruth Simmons for telling our parents we don’t live in “chic” housing. Sure, it wasn’t that way in August, but have you stopped by lately? We got Tibetan prayer flags and a Bob Marley poster.


A cone-shaped diamond to Toledo. From bulkie rolls to French taco shells, the Sharpe Refectory has put food in some interesting casings before, but you’ve really taken the cake. (Can you put cake in a cone?)


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