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W. soccer almost upsets first-place Penn, loses in overtime

Sports Staff Writer
Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A goal by the University of Pennsylvania in overtime smashed hopes of an upset win by the women’s soccer team. The Bears were ahead 2-1 until a late goal by Penn sent the teams into overtime. The Quakers (9-6-1, 4-1-1 Ivy League) took only two minutes in the extra time to score a goal for a sudden victory.  Despite the loss, Bruno (7-5-4, 1-3-2) ended Penn’s four-game shutout streak and challenged the number one-ranked Ivy League squad.

“The players gave everything they had, that’s what made it exciting,” said Head Coach Phil Pincince. “Everyone made a contribution to the effort.”

The Quakers went on the board first in the 22nd minute.  Penn’s high-scoring forward, Marin McDermott, was situated at the back post and headed in a cross to give Penn the lead.

With 11 minutes remaining in the first half, Brown evened the score with a header from Diana Orht ’13, her second of the season. Orht’s score marked the first goal allowed by Penn in their last five games.

Early in the second half, both teams had dangerous attempts. Mary Lesbirel ’12 had goalkeeper Caroline Williams beat two minutes into the second half, but Williams managed to redirect Lesbirel’s attempt, sending it wide. Thirteen minutes later, the Quakers got the ball in the net, but were called offside after the play.

The teams went back and forth, and the Bears held a slight 11-10 shot advantage. Brown took five corner kicks, while the Quakers took none.

“It was a well-played game,” Pincince said. “Both teams capitalized on their offensive plays, and we had three great opportunities.”

A captain-led play finally brought the Bears out of the tie with 20 minutes remaining. A free kick by Charlotte Rizzi ’11 set up Gina Walker ’11 for a beautiful header that went high over Williams’ head.

For almost 10 minutes the Bears led against the top team in the Ivy League. But the lead was short-lived as McDermott took another header to tie up the game.

In a sudden-death overtime, the Quakers were not interested in playing for long. Two minutes in, an assist by McDermott set up forward Ursula Lopez-Palm for a one-on-one play with MC Barrett ’14. Lopez-Palm took a final touch to push it past Barrett and end the game, 3-2.

The Bears end their season at Stevenson Field, taking on Yale in a 4 p.m. contest on Saturday.

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