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BCA names full Spring Weekend lineup

Staff Writer
Thursday, March 17, 2011

Das Racist, Lee Fields and the Expressions and Rebirth Brass Band will support headliners TV on the Radio and Diddy–Dirty Money at the 51st Spring Weekend.

Das Racist — a rap trio based in Brooklyn — will open for TV on the Radio Friday, bringing their “style and energy” to the Main Green, according to the Brown Concert Agency’s press release.

“Das Racist has been gaining a lot of popularity since last year,” said Serin Seckin ’11, BCA’s administrative chair. “MTV said they were one of the best new bands in the world.”

Lee Fields and the Expressions will “help get everyone in the mood” for Saturday’s shows, opening for Rebirth Brass Band and headliner Diddy-Dirty Money. A New Orleans “brass funk band,” Rebirth Brass Band will bring jazz music and “its rich mix of brass instruments and sound,” according to the press release.

But following the announcement, student reaction to the BCA’s choices varied.

“I’ve never heard of any of the supporting acts,” said Caroline Katzman ’13. “How does a soul artist and a jazz band get you in the mood for a rapper like Diddy?”

Others related to Katzman’s frustration. “I’m not outraged but just sort of unenthused,” said Daniel Stern ’13, who has heard of Das Racist but was unfamiliar with the group’s songs.

“I’m excited for Das Racist. I think that’s going to be fun,” said Noah Rose ’12. “Ultimately, they’re a pretty good rap band.” When it comes to the other groups, Rose said he is “reserving judgement” until he sees them and is “optimistic.” Rose said he is excited for the spectrum of bands. Das Racist is a more “bloggy” internet-based band, whereas Rebirth Brass Band plays “live music for live music’s sake,” he said. “They are both sort of fun in their own way.”

“Spring Weekend is mainly fun because of my friends. But it’d be nice if I knew (the) bands, which I don’t,” said Maia Chao ’13.

“Lee Fields and the Expressions and Rebirth Brass Band are both awesome live, and a lot of people on the board have seen them,” Seckin said, in response to student disappointment. “Lee Fields especially has been becoming more popular in the underground music world. Rebirth has been popular for many years and we wanted to appeal to the folk genre.”

“Spring Weekend should be fun no matter who is playing,” said Dave Rosen ’14, who has never heard of the supporting acts.

“One of the things you realize over the years is that there’s no single act that’s going to please and excite everyone,” wrote Abby Schreiber ’11, BCA’s booking chair, in an e-mail to The Herald. “Instead, we try to bring a variety of acts that represent different genres and will hopefully, as a whole, appeal to a wide range of students.”

— With additional reporting by Natalie Villacorta

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