What should President-elect Christina Paxson do first?

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

“A lot of the directors of centers at Brown are still men, and so it’s important to make sure that women are fully integrated into the Brown community.” 


 – Wendy Schiller, associate professor of political science


“Financial aid should be a priority, and she should give free hugs too.”


 – Grace Cain ’15


“Immerse herself as much as possible in campus culture  – attending events and simply being present and open to the kinds of conversations that spontaneously develop on the Green.” 


 – Laurel Bestock, assistant professor of archeology and Egyptology and ancient western Asian studies, in an email


“Increase spending on athletics.”


 – Nick Faber ’12, varsity football player


“Continue in the Brown tradition of helping the students at Brown, both undergraduates and graduates, become involved in the greater Providence community. … I think it’s important that Brown tries to ensure that the General Assembly is very aware of the multitude of programs and services that it offers to all residents of Rhode Island.” 


 – State Sen. Rhoda Perry P’91, D-Providence


“The only thing I expect from her is to be as good as the old president.” 


 – Jose Barros, cashier for Brown Dining Services


“Continue to strike a balance between continuing to expand the research capabilities of this University to continue to improve its reputation, but still keep our undergraduate core.”


 – Anthony White ’13, incoming president of the Undergraduate Council of Students


“I look forward to meeting with incoming President Paxson and finding ways to work together towards a more successful Brown University and city of Providence.  Brown’s success is vital to the economic future of our city, and I look forward to the University’s growth in the coming years  – especially in Providence’s Jewelry District.”


 – Mayor Angel Taveras, in a written statement


“Consider online options for some of the really big lecture courses.”


 – Jake Weber ’15


“In a time of University expansion … how Brown can retain and maybe build upon that uniqueness is, I think, one of the greatest challenges.”


 – Ken Miller ’70 P’02, professor of biology

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