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Kappa Delta welcomes first pledge class at Brown

New members will continue to bond as they contemplate housing options

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Around 60 students have officially joined the ranks of Kappa Delta, the University’s newest sorority, said Susan Chen ’15. The sorority has secured housing in Harkness Hall for next year, said Bethany Cutmore-Scott ’16.

Emails containing bids were sent out on Sunday, said Clara Beyer ’14, who designs for Post- Magazine, The Herald’s weekly arts and culture supplement. The newly inducted pledges held their first meeting Monday night for the educational component of training as well as for an initiation ritual, she said, adding that all of the pledges were required to wear only white for undisclosed reasons.

“It was actually really fast since it started on Friday night,” Chen said, adding that she did not meet the majority of the other girls rushing until after receiving a bid.

The rushes had to commit to joining the sorority the day they received bids, and the pledges will have several more weeks to decide whether they would like to live in the house, Cutmore-Scott said.

“Right now it’s a big mix of people,” Beyer said. The next several weeks will be devoted to bonding, including a sisterhood retreat in Grad Center, she added.

Last weekend’s recruitment kicked off with one-on-one coffee dates with the Leadership Development Consultants, Chen said. The LDCs are four women from the national Kappa Delta Sorority who will live in Providence for the spring semester and lead colonization at the University.

Potential rushes trooped through the Bear’s Lair Friday evening to attend open house sessions led by members of Quinnipiac University’s Kappa Delta chapter, Beyer said. The highlights of the meeting, which she described as “chill,” included a slide show about philanthropy and Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies, she said.

Saturday was reserved for group interviews, Beyer said. “Three of us went in and talked to one girl from nationals and one girl from Quinnipiac” about concentrations, extracurricular activities and other aspects of their life at Brown, she said.

On Sunday morning, the sorority members from Quinnipiac returned to campus and discussed why they decided to join the sorority, she said.

“It was nice to talk to (the members from Quinnipiac) because they could tell you about the Kappa Delta values,” Chen said, adding that it made her feel more confident in her decision to rush.

“I’m a junior so I’m kind of an odd person to rush,” Beyer said. “It just sounded really cool, and I thought it would be fun to start something.”

Chen said she was attracted to the sorority since it did not yet have a set reputation. In addition, as a student from England, Chen said she wanted to have the “cultural experience” of joining an American sorority.

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