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Letter: On Ray Kelly protest, fault lies with Paxson

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Herald’s Nov. 12 editorial, “The Function of the University,” was a most comedic statement suggesting a mission to preserve objectivity and be a patron of different opinions. Has anyone questioned if President Christina Paxson has violated any codes of conduct with her statements and associations?

The function of the University is to be a cultural apparatus subordinate to big business, the state and empire.

Paxson is depicted as judicious in smacking down the students who protested New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and shut down his presentation because of concerns with disproportionate police brutality and mass incarceration that people of color face. Is she an objective arbiter on racism and empire?

Paxson is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations — that bipartisan body that makes strategic plans to conquer the world. Is she non-partisan on the bombing and subordination of people of color nations? What about Kelly’s training of the Iraqi police during the U.S. military occupation? Why do these associations not lead The Herald to question their ethics? Do administrators who manage killing merely hold “opinions”? The student protesters, comparatively, are not associated with premeditated mass murder.

Paxson ironically studies “health disparities.” Is the function of the University to document inequalities for the entertainment of royalty or to cultivate their abolition? Protesting students understand police misconduct is documented sufficiently and needs no further discussion but action.

Paxson should not be permitted to victimize our most courageous students and then create a commission or institute to study policing and uplift her humanistic fraud-world.


Matthew Quest MA’04 PhD’08



  1. Hey Mork. Orson called. He wants his tinfoil hat back.

  2. Okay, this is crazy. I have heard a lot of fairly compelling reasons to disagree with Paxson’s handling of the situation but this is like a greatest hits of all the bad arguments made by the protesters…

  3. Paxson uses Crest toothpaste and Crest toothpaste’s CEO once used the “N” word.

    This proves Paxson is a racist.

  4. Apparently his PhD is in American Civilization.

  5. Princess Innot says:

    Let’s not lose sight of the real issue. Paxson fails.

  6. Dr. Quest should be commended for, not using “racism” and “empire” as empty paradigms like many university instructors and graduates, but defending students from those who openly collaborate with them by telling facts and naming names starting at the top. In this case, the civility of students who raised their voices are on trial by Paxson who actually advises our government which tortures, bombs, and denies self-determination to Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Arab World. Would Paxson be university president or on the Council on Foreign Relations if she made public statements against those who perennially carry out such policies, regardless of political party, like Dr. Quest? The truth about her odes to “free speech” is she would not even be employed if she herself had similar courage. And now, she wants students to sell out their principles to preserve their future. She has a very chilling sense of rationality and objectivity.

    • ThirteenthLetter says:

      “the civility of students who raised their voices”

      They weren’t civil at all — that’s the point. They shouted down opposing views like good brownshirts.

  7. Is this satire?

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