Athlete of the Week: Morant ’17 dazzles on floor and beam, setting personal best

First-year’s second-place finish propels Bears to win second consecutive Ivy League Championship

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Friday, March 21, 2014

The gymnastics team has set numerous program and personal records this season and repeated as Ivy Classic champions. Amid the success shines rookie Caroline Morant ’17, who turned heads last month with a fourth-place all-around finish at the Ivy Classic. She upped that performance last weekend with a personal all-around record of 39.025 that earned her second place against a talented field at the College of William and Mary meet. Morant brought home first place in the beam as well as the floor exercise, garnering her fifth ECAC Rookie of the Week award. For her stellar performance and growing pile of hardware, The Herald has named Morant the Athlete of the Week.


Herald: How did you choose Brown?

Morant: Obviously for the academics. I talked to (Head Coach Sara Carver-Milne), and she made me feel really good about the whole program and about the progression of my career. I had one of those moments where you know it’s your fit.


What’s your favorite event?

It kind of depends on the day, but generally I like to compete floor.


What’s your favorite move or skill?

There are so many of them. I’ve got a new tumbling pass this year. It’s my last pass, and it’s kind of unique — my big finish. So it’s fun to do that.


Do you ever get nervous before competing?

Yes, I get really nervous. The transition from club to college is big, so there are a lot of nerves there. But we compete every weekend, so I feel like college is helping me get over these nerves a bit.


How has the transition from high school to college been, as a student and a gymnast?

I think every (first-year) would give the same answer. There’s a lot more independence, and you need to manage your time. As for gymnastics, it’s a lot more team-oriented, and there’s a lot more excitement. It’s very different to have meets every week, then traveling and school work. It’s definitely different, but it is manageable and a lot more fun.


What is it like competing on a team that has set two program records on the year and sets multiple individual bests every weekend?

It’s incredible. Brown has been doing so well in the past couple years. We’ve been the underdogs, and now we’re finding our stride. It’s really exciting to be part of the beginning of that. We know we have potential now. It’s exciting to see where we go in the future.


Did you know when you signed to Brown that you would make the impact you have in your first season?

I definitely knew that I was going to do multiple events and potentially help the team. I knew the sophomore class is very good, so I did feel like I could come in and impact. But obviously I was not expecting to have the season we’re having.


What is your expectation for the ECAC tournament this weekend?

Brown is doing really well, so I am hoping we win. I don’t want to jinx us, but I have high hopes.

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