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Title IX board to issue progress report

Board to solicit information from LGBTQ Center, BCSC and Sarah Doyle Women's Center

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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Updated Dec. 10 at 9:20 p.m.

The Title IX Oversight Board will focus on reforming orientation programming, drug services related to sexual assault and the complaint process for faculty and staff among other projects in the coming semester, according to a community notification released Wednesday afternoon.

The board, which formed this semester as a result of the Sexual Assault Task Force’s interim report, met four times this semester and will continue meeting regularly in the spring, the email read. It comprises faculty members, staff members and undergraduate, graduate and medical students.

“We decided the most effective way to conduct our charge was to review all the recommendations that were made by the Sexual Assault Task Force with a high level of assessment,” said Michele Cyr, professor of medicine and medical science, and chair of the board.

“Obviously the drug testing was a concern after the Phi Psi case last year,” said Nico Sedivy ’17, a member of the board who uses the pronouns ze, zem and zer. The University has switched over to a new laboratory to process drug tests following last year’s botched hair test by EperTox Inc.

In its evaluations, the board will rely on information collected directly from affected offices, as well as open forums and meetings with groups such as the LGBTQ Center, the Brown Center for Students of Color and the Sarah Doyle Women’s Center. 

The more members of the board learned about sexual violence, the more they learned “the extent to which power and privilege (are) involved,” Sedivy said.

“We want to represent everybody, not just the people who are coming forward,” ze said. “We have to go and meet people where they are.”

Other board members will hold open office hours in February. Additionally, the board has created a Facebook page where students, faculty members and staff members can submit feedback, the email read.

“We are trying to establish multiple channels for feedback,” Cyr said. “We learned that directly reaching out is incredibly informative.”

Compiling this information, the board hopes to issue a “comprehensive progress report” to the community by the end of the spring semester — the first of what the board hopes will be triennial reports, according to the email. Through this, the board hopes to increase University accountability and transparency around Title IX issues.

For now, the board must also increase awareness of its presence on campus and better explain its purpose for students, Sedivy said.

“We’re not part of the process. We are supposed to be evaluating the process,” Sedivy added.

In the coming semester, the board will also look at how online training for faculty and staff is implemented, as well as the training for responsible employees

“What I find incredibly encouraging is that so much work is being done to change policy and procedures,” Cyr said.


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  1. In a word, rubbish. In a second word, libelous.

  2. bwayjunction says:

    ‘The more members of the board learned about sexual violence, the more they learned “the extent to which power and privilege (are) involved,” Sedivy said.’ ‘ And here’s the relevant data: ‘ In 2013, collegeage females had a similar rate of rape and sexual assault
    regardless of enrollment status (about 4.3 victimizations per1,000), while the victimization rate for not college-age (ages 12 to 17 and 25 or older) females was 1.4 victimizations per
    1,000. For both students and nonstudents ages 18 to 24, the 2013 rates of rape and sexual assault were not significantly different from their respective rates in 1997. ‘

    • When will the college rape hoaxes end? I cannot think of single one that hasn’t been fraudulent or stretch credulity to the extreme ( emma sulkowicz, Lena Scholve, Emily Renda, Jackie Coakley, Laura Dunn, Amhurst, Occidental, the railroading of peter Yu, Zachary Kane, joe doe for occidental college. I have not come across a single case which does require a suspension of disbelief. Even the statistics used to support his have been fraudulent.

  3. ShadrachSmith says:

    The federal Title IX folks are Obama’s feminist social justices warriors running amok. I do not look to them for guidance of any sort. Why do you?
    The Title IX Oversight Board will focus on…crushing the concept of individual American constitutional liberties and rights with mandatory reeducation classes where enthusiasm for whatever is required or you get booted.

    Hell Freezes Over
    Mike Adams | Jan 01, 2016
    Please find and read this article. The SJWs can be defeated or obeyed. Your choice 🙂

    • Why do they look to whomever for guidance? They do not look to anybody for guidance. Are you kidding me? They only go through the motion. Why do they do that? Because they are the commissars, and they are interested only in earning badges, the constituents be damned. They neglect their responsibilities in educating young people. They also leave the young people to rot, and damn them on top. Chris Paxson is their supposed leader.

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