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DPS’ Hans Edwardsen dies

Assistant director of systems, technology at DPS remembered by colleagues for hard work, love for job, enthusiasm

University News Editor
Thursday, June 1, 2017

Hans Edwardsen, assistant director of systems and technology for the Department of Public Safety since 2010, died May 31, wrote Vice President for Human Resources Karen Davis in a community-wide email Thursday. Edwardsen had collapsed May 28 and was unable to regain consciousness even after emergency surgery at the Rhode Island Hospital, according to DPS’ GoFundMe page for Edwardsen’s family.

During his time at Brown, Edwardsen oversaw the launch and expansion of multiple “security technology initiatives,” Davis wrote. He was known for his joyfulness and love for his work.

“He made an effort every day to walk around the building, checking in with colleagues to say ‘hello’ or ‘good morning’ to everyone,” she wrote.

Outside of work, Edwardsen loved spending time with his family and raising his daughter, Pella, Davis wrote. He liked to travel and had previously taken family trips to Norway and Disney World.

Funeral services will be held at Swan Point Cemetery on June 6 at 3:30 p.m. DPS is asking for donations through GoFundMe to offset funeral expenses and provide financial assistance for Edwardsen’s family.  

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